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Scheduled Computers

EVPL Board of Trustees 3/10/11


The Library strives to provide information resources which encompass a broad range of print materials, non-print media, and programs for individuals of all ages. To promote computer literacy and to expand learning opportunities for persons in the community, the Library provides access to scheduled computers. Catalog-only computers with no outside Internet access are available at all agencies, and do not require a library card for use. These machines allow an unlimited number of 15-minute sessions.


  1. Any library user may use scheduled computer using an EVPL library card, either a regular library card or a computer guest card. For safety reasons, access to computers in children's areas is limited to users 12 and under. Exceptions will be granted by staff and include adults accompanying children, students, and other individuals with legitimate reasons to work in these areas. Access to computers on Central's second floor is limited to users 13 and over. Adults with children under 13 are welcome to use the public Internet workstations in the READ Center.

  2. Customers may only use the EVPL card issued to them. Individuals using a card other than their own will be warned verbally and in writing at the first witnessed offense. At the second offense, the customer will be barred from the libraries for a period of up to 6 months, at the discretion of the person in charge. Cards used fraudulently will be blocked, and that customer will be notified that a new card will be issued free of charge upon presentation of valid ID.


  1. Scheduling software is in place to ensure equal access to computers. Login requires an EVPL card, either a regular library card or a computer guest card.

  2. Users are permitted up to three hours per day of computer use at Central and two hours per day at the Branches, depending on availability and library hours. Customers may log in as often as they like and at multiple locations within the permitted time frames. Users who have exhausted their maximum session time per day at one location, may visit another location for an additional session.

  3. If all computers are in use at a given location, customers may reserve the next available machine by using any reservation station. They may also request a computer in a specific area for a specific time.

    Reservations require an EVPL card, regular or computer guest, and can be made up to one day in advance. Customers are encouraged to make their own reservations, but staff may make reservations for them at their discretion. For safety reasons, computers in children's areas may not be reserved, except those in Central's READ Center, which has a separate reservation station.

  4. Scheduled computers will be held for 10 minutes. If the person who made the reservation does not log on in that time period, the reservation is automatically deleted and the computer returns to available status.

  5. At the discretion of the staff, individual sessions may be extended to allow a customer to complete a document, an online lesson or test, or similar legitimate activity.

  6. No more than two people may work cooperatively at the computer at any one scheduled time, except for demonstrations by staff.

  7. Customers may not turn off, unplug, or reset the computer, and are blocked from saving or downloading any bookmarks, plug-ins or files to the computer's hard drive. They cannot change any Windows settings or desktop attributes. Any setting that is changed will return to the default setting when the computer is rebooted.


  1. In general, staff is available to give only brief assistance with software or Internet instruction. Customers who need help with lengthy tasks requiring installed software or Internet access, such as online tests, resume construction, or setting up a personal email account, can be referred to the Help Desk in the Tech Center at Central.

  2. Staff should help with booting computers and accessing software, adding paper to networked printers, assisting with scheduling and print management software, troubleshooting minor problems, and assisting customers in locating informational Web sites, as time permits.


  1. There is no charge for the use of the public computers at EVPL. However, users will need either a regular EVPL card or a computer guest cards to log on to the Internet computers. Users can log on as Guest for the catalog only computers.

  2. The charge for printing is $ .15 for black/white laser jobs, $.50 for color laser jobs. Printing is coin-operated. For large print jobs, it is permissible to release the print job from the staff workstation rather than feeding individual coins or bills into the coin box. Money collected in this situation should be immediately placed in the locked container of the coin box.

  3. CD-Rs are available for sale for $1, and flash drives are sold for $10. Earbuds can be purchased for $2.
  1. The Evansville-Vanderburgh Public Library Board of Trustees has approved an Internet policy which includes filtering. This policy is posted on the library's web site under Library Policies, and is posted as the Internet Use Policy on the first screen as users log on to the EVPL web site. Users must accept our Internet Use Policy before using the EVPL Internet.

  2. The Internet is filtered on library computers. Should a legitimate site be filtered, it can be unfiltered by a Library staff member contacting Computer Services. Staff may ask customers to remove from the screen images or text that are offense to staff or customers.

  3. Use of Library computers for the transmission, dissemination, and/or duplication of library materials or other copyrighted works is regulated by the copyright laws. All users of library computers are expected to comply with the copyright laws.