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TopicCall Number
fashion 391
feng shui 133.333
fibromyalgia 616.74
finance, personal 332.024
firearms 623.44, 683.4
fireplaces 697.1, 721.8
fishing 799.1
fitness, physical 613.7, 796-799
flower arrangement 745.92
folk & fairy tales 398
football 796.332
football cards 769.4979
forensic science 363.25, 614.1
forms and contracts 346.02, 347.055, 651.29
forms, business 651.29
franchise directories 658.8708
freedom of religion 342.0852, 344.0796
freedom of the press 323.445, 342.085
French language self-instruction 448.2
furniture, antique 749.1
furniture finishing and making 684.1