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Library Customer Code of Conduct

(Revised by EVPL Board of Trustees 11/13/2014)

A public library is a gathering place to share and discuss books, ideas and information, and to provide materials. With this in mind, the library has dedicated various areas to different pursuits, with examples being the quiet study and youth areas. The Library Board has enacted this policy to insure all customers can enjoy the resources.

Library customers may not:

  • Consume or be under the influence of illicit or intoxicating substances on library property.
  • Smoke or use electronic smoking devices or use tobacco products on library property.
  • Eat or drink (except bottled water) in library buildings except in areas specifically designated for that purpose.
  • Solicit other customers or staff on library property.
  • Disturb or annoy other customers or staff.
  • Film or photograph any library customer or staff member without prior consent.
  • Use offensive language, or display or disseminate any matters harmful to minors as set forth in IC 35-49-3-3.
  • Sleep in the library.
  • Bring in pets except for service dogs or use in library programs.
  • Leave children unattended who engage in disruptive behavior.
  • Have offensive personal hygiene, use restrooms for personal hygiene, or visit without wearing shoes and shirt.
  • Harass, intimidate, or discriminate against any member of the library staff or any customer, including cursing, sexual or physical threats.
  • Steal library materials, customer's property or staff member's property.
  • Deliberately destroy/damage or deface any library materials or property.

In addition, adults without children, unless in search of children's materials or information, are asked to use areas of the library other than the children's areas.  Any video, audio or photographic recordings of library-sponsored programs must be approved in advance by Library personnel.

Inappropriate behavior as outlined above or the commission of any crime on library property will have consequences. Customers may be asked to leave the Library premises immediately. In addition, a customer may be barred from library premises temporarily or permanently depending on the severity of the offense. To enforce these policies, library staff are authorized to call for police assistance, a security guard, or take any other measures reasonably appropriate and necessary.

This policy shall be posted in each location.