EVPL is excited to introduce its new and improved Biblioboard community-curated collections! Biblioboard is an easy way for individuals to engage and share their created content with their community and the world. EVPL has created several collections which we believe reflect the interests and passions of the Evansville community. Check out the collections and join in the curation fun!

Community-Driven Content and Collections

Did you know that EVPL has user-driven content collections? Did you know you can add to those collections yourself, whether you’ve produced a music album, an eBook, or even photos? You can do all these things through an online community engagement tool called Biblioboard. Biblioboard is an easy way for creators to upload their own materials and add them to one of the EVPL Curated Collections that we currently have. Our collections include:

COVID-19 Chronicles: Let’s share our stories… how we’re coping, how we’re struggling, unexpected positives we’ve discovered or things in our lives we’ve rediscovered. Before we know it, this time, too, will pass. So, let’s capture our experiences through stories, photos, videos, and other digital means, and share them together now so that we may never forget how COVID-19 Pandemic impacted our community. Use this link to contribute to the collection.

Alphabet Scavenger Hunt: Letters are everywhere; they may be found in words or hidden where you least expect them… like in architecture, at a playground, or even in nature. In June 2020, we asked our Facebook community to participate in this scavenger hunt and dedicated one week per letter throughout the rest of the year… but we wanted to keep the fun going beyond Facebook and allow everyone to play along right here. Please share your discoveries with us by submitting an image of your findings at this link, and we will include them in the collection:

Community Recipes and Stories: For centuries and across cultures, people have shared food and drink together as a symbol of love, respect, trust, friendship and more. This collection seeks to share those stories and recipes with the community and celebrate the different ways we come together and connect through food. How does food build community? How do our traditions with food relate to our health? How does food break down barriers and overcome stereotypes? How does our environment affect accessibility to and our relationship with food? These collections seek to explore these questions and more. Use this link to submit your stories to share.

The Pocket City Music Preserve – The Pocket City Music Preserve is an album, video, and picture collection of local bands and musicians where their content can be streamed to the general public. If someone is interested in uploading their content into Biblioboard and the Pocket City Music Preserve, we have an easy to use portal that allows you to do it via a few simple steps.

Memoir Writing: Telling My Story – EVPL’s Digital Memoir Archive is inspired by the memoir writing program Telling My Story at EVPL West. This anthology shares materials from each series of the memoir writing program, and will be sure to spark your creativity through poems, writing prompts, memoir writing techniques, and participants’ original writings. We hope you feel inspired to share your creativity with this collection. We have an easy to use portal that allows you to do it via a few simple steps.

Fiber Arts, Etc… The Fiber Arts anthology is a haven for those who share a love for crafts dedicated to the fiber arts. There seems to be a lot of love in Evansville for these hobbies and EVPL wants to celebrate that love with this anthology. Improve your craft by browsing education collections; enjoy the art of your fellow community members by browsing a collection of community creations; share your own accomplishments with us by completing a submission page! Through this anthology, let’s cultivate our curiosity of fiber art craft together.


Pressbooks –  Pressbooks is a simple book production software, built with the web in mind. Create interactive web books, PDFs for print, and eBooks, all from one place. Write your own book on Pressbooks or import an existing manuscript, then choose a book design theme, and export into all the file formats you need to publish your books.

EVPL chose this software as a way to engage our community’s vast array of content so that it can be preserved, archived and shared. Powered by our community, Biblioboard serves as a powerful tool that empowers individuals to upload and share content that they feel is relevant and matches our already created collections.

You can also connect to the EVPL Biblioboard catalog through their app: Apple, Android, and Kindle.

EVPL Biblioboard Content Statement