As part of Evansville Vanderburgh Public Library’s strategic priorities, a collections project will be taking place over the next few months.

In January 2018, a comprehensive evaluation of EVPL’s collection was done by professional library consultants, Library Systems & Services. Their recommendation included weeding for all locations to accompany the development of a collection management plan.

Weeding is the removal of items from a library collection based on preset criteria and is done at all libraries and is part of regular library maintenance.

Criteria to determine which materials will be withdrawn from the system will be set in collaboration with professionals who specialize in collection and will include: publishing date, frequency of circulation, community interest, and availability of newer or more valid materials. Weeding is not a process to deselect books or materials from the library’s collection.

A plan was put together in collaboration with LS&S in October 2018 to begin weeding at EVPL Red Bank.

While undergoing weeding, an inventory count of all items in the library’s collection will take place.

The EVPL Board of Trustees has been informed throughout this project and will continue to receive updates.

A team made up of EVPL personnel will conduct weeding and inventory at EVPL Red Bank beginning Monday, May 13. The project is estimated to take six days. Once finished, an assessment will be done before continuing at the other seven EVPL locations.

Items about local history, last copies, classics and more will be left in the system. Replacement items will be ordered in the same title, later edition of the same title, or by better titles on the same subject for items that are of use, but in poor quality.

Removed items will be given to the EVPL Foundation for future book sales. Items that are determined to be too damaged for sale will be recycled, as we have done for years.

The EVPL Foundation supports library services and programs.

Members of the public may suggest items for the EVPL collection online.

By removing items that no longer circulate or are in poor condition, new materials will have room in all EVPL locations for the community to browse.


Weeding has now taken place at EVPL Red Bank and EVPL McCollough. Items weeded were included in the EVPL Foundation Summer Book Sale.

The next round of weeding will take place at EVPL East October 23 to 25.

Heather McNabb

Heather enjoys reading, coffee, music, and empowering others. She frequently says she's in the right job at the right time, and she is passionate about making sure that others feel the same way.
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