Cultivate Your Curiosity with EVPL

With a new website, a new look, and new mission and vision statements, EVPL is ready to discover, explore, and connect WITH you! We have been working for a year to create an EVPL brand that is more reflective of who we are and who we want to be in, for, and with our community. Using a design thinking process and in surveying our staff and our users, we were able to vision, aspire, and dream together.

While the look is new, much of the heart of who we are is the same. We found that we, like you, love public libraries and what they stand for, and we discovered that we all want to reignite that magic that is the public library. That magic, that wonder, is what we hope you will see when you look at our new logo. We hope you see the possibilities to focus your curiosity, no matter what it is that you are curious about. We hope you will see the ability to think outside the box and dream bigger than we have ever dreamed before, because we are dreaming bigger, as individuals, as a library, and as a community.

Our mission and vision statements are a testament to who we promise to be and how we hope to shape our community’s future through our work. We believe that through curiosity and wonder and by exploring together, we can create a more unified community.

The tagline of “Discover. Explore. Connect.” lets you know that we encourage you to uncover new things, revisit old favorites, and to engage with us along the way. We are excited to learn with you, to grow with you, and to be here with you throughout our journey.

Heather McNabb

Heather enjoys reading, coffee, music, and empowering others. She frequently says she's in the right job at the right time, and she is passionate about making sure that others feel the same way.
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