Read, Listen, Learn, and Dialogue Together

SPEAK is a lecture and discussion series that aims to bring in authors, thought leaders, and speakers each quarter. We hope to engage the youth of our community by bringing in at least one youth-oriented speaker per year.

Through the SPEAK initiative, EVPL hopes to further our vision of communities united through shared exploration and understanding by supporting and encouraging conversation. Empathy and compassion are grown through words, whether spoken or written.
SPEAK encourages our community to speak up and speak together.

The EVPL Foundation is our main sponsor for this series, but we hope you will consider giving to SPEAK.

Support Speak

Check back soon for details about the 2019 SPEAK series.


Heather McNabb

Heather enjoys reading, coffee, music, and empowering others. She frequently says she's in the right job at the right time, and she is passionate about making sure that others feel the same way.
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