Limitless Opportunities Through Inquiry

Curiosity lives in everything we do, whether we realize it or not; it is our most powerful tool.

I’m all about the questions! As the Community Inquiry Librarian of Practice, I challenge the belief that every question should immediately receive an answer. In truth, every question is fueled by several underlying questions, opinions, and lived experiences. We must allow ourselves the opportunity to pause and reflect on these deeper questions. Inquiry is an invitation to discover shared possibilities together. My mission is to facilitate that invitation.

This work is vital to the future of the library because we are not only building an infrastructure for inquiry but also fostering the growth of community collaboration. We are legitimizing processes to make the invisible visible. We at EVPL cannot live out our vision of uniting communities through shared exploration and cannot cultivate lifelong learning without opening the doors to curiosity and collaborative dialogue. Throughout history, public libraries have been the institutions which provide access to information; that work has evolved further into empowering citizens with the tools which can advance and enhance their lives. Community Inquiry is essential to this practice.

Inquiry is about tapping into our natural ability to be curious and using it to challenge the assumptions that can limit us from working together toward our greatest potentials.

Inquiry requires intentional participation to build meaningful collaborations. Through these efforts, we will discover the hidden talents and treasures which, powered by Community Inquiry, will help us reach our shared social, cultural, and educational goals to see positive change.

What does this look like? You may find me working alongside members of a local non-profit facilitating an Inquiry Session. You may discover me with my colleagues investigating and defining priority public health issues to create sustainable solutions. Or you might see me at your neighborhood association meeting helping connect your work with other efforts in the city and county. My role in all of these is to connect the unconnected and make visible the invisible for purposeful action. It is my and the library’s responsibility to curate the inputs, outputs, methods, outcomes, and inquiries of our work over time as open-access lessons learned to inform our future.

So join me as we discover our limitless opportunities through inquiry.

Katie R.
Librarian of Practice

Katie R.

When not inquiring, Posey County native Katie Reineke loves spending time outdoors and in her home in New Harmony. She loves hiking, biking, kickboxing, and singing, but also loves to relax with a coffee and a good book.

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