Capturing and preserving our living history.

I am a librarian. I am also a historian, a historic preservationist, and a former museum professional. As the Community Knowledge Librarian of Practice, my job is grounded in discovering the significant, hidden or excluded narratives. My work is to identify and discover the vast body of knowledge that intersect into what I call nodes, and to document current events and ongoing societal and physical change in the community. My job is to collaboratively work to build a more expansive and inclusive definition of Evansville-area history.

This work is essential to EVPL and the community because as we document our current events, or our “history as it happens”, we are studying and building a narrative of our society that includes everyone who lives and has lived here, not just concentrating on those areas of our past that have always been the focus of attention and study. Capturing and documenting important moments in the community when they happen is crucial to preserving the spirit of our community, and that is where my work lives.

Because of that, you might see me on the street taking photos of new construction projects, or old buildings, some of them being rehabilitated or removed from the streetscape. You might sit next to me at a neighborhood association meeting, taking photos and scribbling notes about what’s happening in the meeting. You might encounter me at a community scanning event, or out in the community talking about how to preserve your personal effects. I might be at local businesses, art galleries, museums, or other libraries, working with individuals in our community to help preserve the story of “now” in Evansville. My role at EVPL is to take your stories, curate them, and tie them together so that we have information about our community to provide to the public now and in the future.

Kate Linderman
Librarian of Practice

Kate Linderman

Kate Linderman is the Community Knowledge Librarian of Practice. A life long reader and student of history, she also enjoys gardening, calligraphy and fluffy cat herding.

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