Encouraging Learning from Birth

Early literacy can be defined as helping children to be ready to learn how to read and write. In today’s world reading is an essential life skill, yet learning to read is hard. My role as Early Literacy Librarian of Practice is to make a positive impact on the development of early literacy practices in our community, to assist and guide my colleagues to make a similar impact, and to develop and share knowledge with the community at large.

While researching and supporting early literacy in our community, I will be asking questions, making connections with individuals and organizations, and supporting EVPL early literacy initiatives and programs. My work is grounded in my passion to support children from the day they are born and to build a community that knows how to give our youngest citizens a positive start in life.

I see a future where the library is a place where parents, caregivers, and others that work with children know to go for their early literacy needs and where every child in Vanderburgh County has access to the library in order to cultivate and grow their curiosity from the day they are born.

Stacy Hurt
Librarian of Practice

Stacy Hurt

Having dedicated her life to working with youth, Stacy is enjoying her new position as Early Literacy Librarian of Practice. She infuses everything she does with vibrant creativity, and her current crafting hobby is quilting.

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