Amplifying the Voices of Our Local Performing Artists

Uniquely situated between major progressive performing arts cities, Evansville has the potential to become a cultural and musical hub. My work as the Performing Arts Librarian of Practice focuses on exploring that idea to find out if that is something our community aspires to and if so, how EVPL could support those efforts.

Whether it’s being involved in booking bands or musical acts for the library, working with Haynie’s Corner First Fridays, partnering with the Courier and Press for the Pocket City Sounds video series, curating local music (the Pocket City Music Preserve), compiling venue history content, or working with ParksFest; I see myself as a relationship builder and connector in the performing arts community. I am also involved in working with three film series programs: The Classic Film Series, the Caged Bird Series with Letters to Prisoners, and the topical documentary and film series in conjunction with area events like the Evansville Geek and Comic Con. My work evolves as our performing arts scene evolves, but my passion to promote local artists and to create spaces and environments that allow those artists to thrive and to create their art is always at the core of what I do.

The performing arts enhance and enrich our lives. We come together through music and performance to dance, to sing, to experience life, and to feel. The arts provide a space where magic can happen, ideas can grow, and inspiration can become reality. When we embrace and support our local performing artists we are not only recognizing their talents, but we are also acknowledging their contribution to this community and society as a whole.

Nathan Jochum
Librarian of Practice

Nathan Jochum

Nathan enjoys all things music, which includes co-directing the ParksFest Music Festival, collecting vinyl records, being an avid concertgoer, and he is a musician himself have played keys in numerous bands in the Evansville area over the last twenty years. In his free time, he sleeps and hangs out with his dog, Rufus.

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