Strong Schools are the Backbone of a Successful Community

As the School Engagement Librarian of Practice, my aim is to foster a strong bond between EVPL and our local schools. This practice includes learning the needs of teachers, students, and families in order to discover where and if the library can enrich the learning experience of our youth. I challenge us all to constantly be examining how we can do better for our students and our teachers, which in effect betters our community’s future.

Our new vision to unite communities through shared exploration and understanding is the driving force behind the need for this work. Only through strong relationships and open communication can we build a support system for each other. When we have that system in place, we can work together to truly impact student success.

In collaboration with my colleagues in the library, school leaders, students, educators, and families, I will curiously and fervently work to explore and rediscover the role of the library in the long-standing and ever-evolving world of education and learning. We must allow ourselves to wonder what can be and what will be as we press on, creating better learning opportunities together.

Please contact me with any questions.

Jake Kohlmeyer
Librarian of Practice

Jake Kohlmeyer

Jake Kohlmeyer is the School Engagement of Librarian of Practice at EVPL. A lifelong resident of Evansville, he is a self-proclaimed avid indoorsman, an advocate for shelter pets, and is constantly in search of a better cup of coffee.

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