By Jake Kohlmeyer

The countdown is on. That’s the message I’ve heard since I joined EVPL last November. The big switch. The change. The evolution of our brand.

It really is an exciting time to work for EVPL. Not only is the brand changing, but the atmosphere of the entire library ecosystem is changing. New people are being hired; positions and roles are shifting to focus on organizational priorities. It’s exciting to see how these new roles come together and impact the mission and vision of our library.

As the School Engagement Librarian of Practice, I do a lot of research and work in and for schools. I talk to teachers, students, and others to highlight best practices of the way our community’s schools and the library system can work together. I also get to explore the education system as a whole and think about what we can do to always be improving education in order to improve our community. This is all even more exciting with the opportunity of a new brand.

I think of this as a rebirth or reawakening of a trusted community resource, redesigned for the next generation but still serving so many people.

This is our new mission: We cultivate curiosity by creating wonder. That’s a powerful mission, and I feel it directly correlates with my work in and with schools.

School is the heart of our understanding of learning. As students, we develop our curiosity and if all goes according to plan, we come out of the education system as lifelong learners with an ever-present sense of curiosity. Following formal education, EVPL becomes the place to wonder and quench the thirst of curiosity.

EVPL has existed in some form, in various past entities, since 1848. We’ve seen county and city come together to form one system. Older branches and locations have made way for modern and innovative spaces that serve our community, in-person and online. The excitement I have for promoting and fostering a love of libraries to our school community is so much greater as we launch our new brand and highlight what we do in service to and with our users. I can’t wait to see where we go and what we do as we embark on this new adventure!

Jake Kohlmeyer
School Engagement of Librarian of Practice

Jake Kohlmeyer

Jake Kohlmeyer is the School Engagement of Librarian of Practice at EVPL. A lifelong resident of Evansville, he is a self-proclaimed avid indoorsman, an advocate for shelter pets, and is constantly in search of a better cup of coffee.

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