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It is a well-known fact that April showers bring May flowers, but did you know that the rainy days bring plenty of extra reading time? While you’re stuck inside your home, waiting on the promise of flowers and better weather, check out some of the new nonfiction books EVPL has to offer.

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Beloved Beasts by Michelle Nijhuis

A vibrant history of the modern conservation movement-told through the lives and ideas of the people who built it. In the late nineteenth century, as humans came to realize that our rapidly industrializing and globalizing societies were driving other animal species to extinction, a movement to protect and conserve them was born. In Beloved Beasts, acclaimed science journalist Michelle Nijhuis traces the movement’s history: from early battles to save charismatic species such as the American bison and bald eagle to today’s global effort to defend life on a larger scale.

Parenting While Working From Home by Shari Medini

As more parents work from home than ever before, there are unique challenges when it comes to meeting the demands of their job, helping their kids thrive, and finding even five minutes to take care of themselves. Parenting While Working from Home offers tips, strategies, and reflections to help parents balance their careers, connect with their kids, and establish their inner strength over the course of a year.



The Kitchen Without Borders by The Eat Offbeat Chefs

The Kitchen without Borders brings the culinary traditions of fourteen chefs from around the world including Syria, Iran, Eritrea, and Venezuela, right to our tables. Discover delicious, unexpected flavor combinations, and ingredients like sumac, pomegranate molasses, and tahini that will enhance the repertoire of any home cook or adventurous eater. More than a celebration of delicious foods from around the world, this recipe collection-with its intimate chef profiles and photographic portraits-allows people who have been displaced to share their cherished cuisines, in their own words.


The Duchess of Cambridge by Bethan Holt

In the decade since, Kate Middleton has become the Duchess of Cambridge, a future Queen, and a mother of three. Her outfits range from high street to haute couture, with women worldwide fascinated by her style and eager to copy it. The Duchess has used her clothing to make diplomatic gestures, to send messages of solidarity, and to show respect. In this book, Bethan Holt marks the tenth anniversary of Kate’s royal life by taking readers on a highly illustrated journey through the Duchess’s style evolution.


Join the Green Revolution by Ollie Hunter

Following the groundbreaking 30 Easy Ways to Join the Food Revolution, Ollie Hunter is back with his second book, 30 Easy Ways to Join the Green Revolution. This time he’s tackling sustainability in our day-to-day lives, delving into the flaws in our current systems and cycles and exploring future options to create and live in a more sustainable world. All the chapters are heavily punctuated with Ollie’s recipes to both reward the reader and reinforce Ollie’s message about living sustainably


Dear Black Girl by Tamara Winfrey Harris

In Dear Black Girl, Winfrey Harris organizes a selection of these letters, providing “a balm for the wounds of anti-black-girlness” and modeling how black women can nurture future generations. Each chapter ends with a prompt encouraging girls to write a letter to themselves, teaching the art of self-love and self-nurturing. Dear Black Girl continues this work by delivering pro-black, feminist, LGBTQ+ positive, and body-positive messages for black women-to-be–and for the girl who still lives inside every black woman who still needs reminding sometimes that she is alright.


Taking the Stress Out of Homework by Abby Freireich

Drawing on extensive experience as classroom teachers and the directors of their highly regarded tutoring business, Abby and Brian address a range of common frustrations caused by homework. Taking the Stress out of Homework breaks down for parents exactly when and how to offer homework support. Whether your child’s stress point is executive functioning–the ability to plan or organize–or a subject-specific struggle in math, reading, writing, or standardized test preparation, Abby and Brian use real-life stories to provide individualized, actionable advice.


Hungry Hearts by Jennifer Rudolph Walsh

A heartfelt anthology of transformation, self-discovery, and courage that also includes essays by Amena Brown, Natalie Guerrero, Connie Lim (MILCK), Nkosingiphile Mabaso, Jillian Mercado, Priya Parker, Geena Rocero, Michael Trotter, and Tanya Blount-Trotter of The War And Treaty, and Maysoon Zayid, Hungry Hearts shows how reconnecting with our own burning, undeniable intuition points us toward our unique purpose and the communities where we most belong.



KG A to Z by Kevin Garnett

Kevin Garnett was one of the most dominant players the game of basketball has ever seen. He was also one of its most outspoken. Over the course of his illustrious twenty-one-year NBA career, he elevated trash talk to an art form and never shied away from sharing his thoughts on controversial subjects. In KG A to Z, published ahead of Garnett’s induction into the Basketball Hall of Fame, he looks back on his life and career with the same raw candor. If you thought Kevin Garnett was exciting, inspiring, and unfiltered on the court, just wait until you read what he has to say on these pages.



Gory Details by Erika Engelhaupt 

Blending humor and journalism in the tradition of Mary Roach, acclaimed science reporter Erika Engelhaupt investigates the gross, strange, and morbid absurdities of our bodies and our universe. From the research biologist who stung himself with every conceivable insect to the world’s most murderous mammals, this entertaining book explores oft-ignored but alluring facets of biology, anatomy, space exploration, nature, and more. Featuring interviews with leading researchers in the field and a large dose of wit, this provocative book reveals the most intriguing real-world applications of science in all their glory.

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