By Bilingual Stories

Let’s learn Spanish! And French! And Mandarin!

As we welcome Hispanic Heritage Month, you and your child may encounter a variety of celebrations featuring Spanish words written, spoken, and sung. What a beautiful opportunity to expand your child’s mind (and your own!) while increasing their early literacy skills and appreciation for diversity. Let these discoveries spark your curiosity and bring your questions and excitement to the library, where we have a variety of early literacy language materials! 

Next time you’re in the library, help your child find a fun, interactive board book, such as 20 First Words in 20 Languages. Your child loves time with you, and hearing you read is so important to their learning. Sharing these quiet times of learning will only strengthen your bond. Challenge yourself to pronounce the words authentically, and don’t feel foolish if the words sound odd to your ear. Watching you learn and experience something new can be a powerful model for your child. And, just in case, several of the titles include a transliteration right on the page! 

In our Board Book collection, which are a fabulous toy for little learners, we have several bilingual and multilingual titles. These are an easy introduction to basic vocabulary, in English and in other languages. As your readers learn and grow, we have numerous picture books in various languages, educational videos, and dictionaries, and even audiobooks to help continue their journey. And, as always, don’t forget our digital materials and databases

Whether this leads your family down a rabbit hole of new languages or if one book is the entirety of your journey for now, take comfort in knowing that by simply sharing a different language with your child, you’re helping to expand their minds and their perspectives on the world. Research shows that an additional language “boosts problem-solving, critical thinking, and listening skills, in addition to improving memory, concentration, and the ability to multitask,” and those are skills we can all appreciate and cultivate at any age! 

Happy learning, and we’ll see you at the library!

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