By Katie R.

COVID Chronicles 

Why do we tell stories? What is it about stories that entice us and pull us in, both in the telling and hearing? Telling stories and sharing memories seems to be something we all love. We share funny, happy, strange, and even tragic stories.

“Remember when’s” allow us to keep our own histories alive and relive the thoughts and emotions evoked from the initial experience. Stories also have the highly underrated ability to teach. Studies prove that storytelling in the learning environment is extremely powerful. In fact, one study concluded that “Storytelling provided students with an opportunity to become more actively involved, provided a forum to relate real life examples to concrete didactic data, served as a trigger for information recollection, and made material seem more realistic” (Davidson, 2004). In short, storytelling helps us learn better and retain what we’ve learned longer. So what can we learn from each others’ stories? Why do we need to learn from others’ histories?

EVPL uses Biblioboard as a way to capture and collect our communities’ stories so that they can be preserved, archived, and shared. Powered by our community, Biblioboard serves as a multi-faceted tool that empowers individuals to upload and share content that they feel is relevant and matches our already created collections.

Lockdown… quarantine… stay-at-home order… the new normal… no matter what you call it, we might all agree that right now is just different. Let’s share our stories… how we’re coping, how we’re struggling, unexpected positives we’ve discovered or things in our lives we’ve rediscovered. Before we know it, this time, too, will pass. So, let’s capture our experiences through stories, photos, videos, and other digital means, and share them together now so that we may never forget how COVID-19 Pandemic impacted our community. COVID Chronicles, EVPL’s new Biblioboard collection seeks to do just that. Read the information below for guidance on how you can contribute to this collection.

You can also connect to the EVPL Biblioboard catalog through their app: Apple, Android, and Kindle.

EVPL Biblioboard Content Statement


Michele R. Davidson, A phenomenological evaluation: using storytelling as a primary teaching method, Nurse Education in Practice, Volume 4, Issue 3, 2004, Pages 184-189, https://doi.org/10.1016/S1471-5953(03)00043-X.

Katie R.

Katie R.

When not inquiring, Posey County native Katie Reineke loves spending time outdoors and in her home in New Harmony. She loves hiking, biking, kickboxing, and singing, but also loves to relax with a coffee and a good book.

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