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We’ve all heard about how hard this year has been. For everyone. Actually, we’re all a little sick of hearing about it. We’re ready for some good news. Some comfort, some inspiration, and some hope. Goodness knows we’ve earned it!

So while this December will be decidedly different for many people, it’s the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the comforting world of a cozy mystery.

There’s a lot to love about cozies – whether it’s the puns, the idyllic atmosphere, the intrigue, the romance, the food, or the balance of charm set against a deadly backdrop, they offer a special sort of indulgence. But who says that indulgence has to be bad for you? Today we’ve curated a list of some of the best cozy mysteries that offer up truly unique perspectives: entrepreneurs, business owners, and self-employed artisans! These heroines haven’t let life tear them down – they’re following their dreams and doing what they love (while also operating a side hustle of professional snooping). 

If you’re looking for the ultimate comfort read that also gives you a kick to your inspiration for productivity and gives you a new perspective, then one of these might just be what you need to close out 2020. 

And who knows? If these entries spark your secret entrepreneurial spirit, you might want to check out EVPL’s Business Central to learn more about starting your own business.

Cozy Mysteries

Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder by Joanne Fluke

Everyone knows that the book is better than the movie (or series). Join Hannah Swenson as she runs the most successful bakery in Lake Eden, Minnesota, and navigates her mother’s attempts to get her settled down – all while investigating the mysterious death of her delivery man. And when you finish, make your own batch of cookies to satisfy your craving with the recipe included in the book.

Sex, Murder, and a Double Latte by Kyra Davis

Newly divorced Sophie Katz, a half-black, half-Jewish Thriller writer, is starting her life over. But the plots of the stories she writes are starting to hit a little too close to home. A crazed fan breaking into her apartment. Her filmmaker friend murdered. And a new love interest she keeps meeting in dark alleys – who might just be prime suspect number one. Who says the life of a writer is boring?

Death in a Budapest Butterfly by Julia Buckley

Hanna Keller loves her Hungarian heritage and her family’s traditional European tea shop. So when her favorite porcelain cup is confiscated as the murder weapon after a customer is poisoned over brunch, she will stop at nothing to get answers. Together with her clairvoyant grandmother, can Hanna clear their name and rebuild her business from the brink of disaster?

Murder in G Major by Alexia Gordon

African-American musician Gethsemane Brown needs a job. Unfortunately, the only position she can get is as a music teacher in the Irish countryside. Sure, it sounds lovely, but there’s a major downside: the cottage she’s housesitting for is haunted. By a ghost who won’t leave her alone until she solves a closed case and clears his name. And she still has to turn her students into a class act orchestra before the end of the school year. What could possibly go wrong?

The Plot Is Murder by V.M. Burns

What happens when a cozy mystery author winds up in a mystery plot of their own – in real life? Samantha Washington alternates her time between writing her cozy mystery novel and preparing her new bookshop for opening day when she is suspected of committing a murder. The victim? A town real-estate broker found dead in her backyard. Samantha is going to have to put her sleuthing skills in action if she ever wants to open up shop or publish her novel!

Aunty Lee’s Delights by Ovidia Yu

Singaporean widower Rosie Lee is known for her strong attitude, her much beloved restaurant, and…detective work? When Rosie suspects that a death at a local tourist locale and the disappearance of one of her regulars might be connected, she throws caution to the winds and proves herself anything but ordinary. Working together with a cast of characters that speaks to Singapore’s rich diversity in charming detail, Rosie Lee might just solve this case yet.

Fatal Fixer-Upper by Jennie Bentley

Abandoning her life in New York to inherit an old cottage in Maine, Avery Baker forges a new career path for herself in home renovation. She even has a new handyman to help her get started. If only she didn’t keep finding clues about a missing professor, things would be perfect. Now Avery has to worry about a potential killer on the loose on top of her renovation deadline! No one said reinventing yourself was easy.

Hollywood Homicide by Kellye Garrett

Dayna Anderson is on the rise to stardom as an actress of color. Unfortunately, she’s also super broke. So when she is a witness to a hit and run, she figures she’s hit the jackpot and sets out to catch the suspect – well, and to win the fifteen grand reward money. But as her investigation grows, so does her desire for true justice. Chasing clues through Hollywood and hotshots is all fun and games – until her life hangs in the balance too.

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