By Stacy Hurt

Bring winter inside when you create one of these 3D snowflakes.


  • 6 pieces of square paper (fold paper into a triangle and cut off excess to make paper square)
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Stapler


  • Fold paper diagonally to make a triangle. Fold once more to make a smaller triangle.
  • Cut three diagonal, parallel lines into the triangle, stopping 1/2″ from the fold.
  • Open the folded paper so it looks like a diamond.
  • Beginning with the innermost flaps, roll the flaps toward each other to make a tube and secure with tape.
  • Flip over the paper and roll the next set of flaps to make another tube and secure with tape. Repeat with each set of flaps, alternating directions.
  • Create five more “icicles” by repeating the steps above.
  • Lay out the icicles in a circle. Connect three of the icicles at the base and staple. Staple sides of icicles together.
  • Repeat on the second half.
  • Combine the halves together and staple at the base. Connect the remaining sides.
  • Enjoy!

Bonus: hang the snowflake by using a hole punch and yarn or string.

Show us your 3D Snowflakes by using #MyEVPL.





Stacy Hurt
Early Literacy Librarian of Practice

Stacy Hurt

Having dedicated her life to working with youth, Stacy is enjoying her new position as Early Literacy Librarian of Practice. She infuses everything she does with vibrant creativity, and her current crafting hobby is quilting.

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