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Have you ever tried a recipe from a cookbook but had to spend more effort propping the book open than actually cooking? How about a car manual? How about a novel? Stubborn books are an ongoing problem for us multitaskers, and now we have to multitask more than ever before. It’s time to do away with this problem altogether, using this simple DIY book stand.

Materials needed

  • Wire coat hanger
  • Pliers (strongly recommended)


  1. Using your hands, gently push the bottom of the hanger up to flatten it.
  2. Push both ends of the hanger in towards yourself, forming a gentle U shape.
  3. Use pliers to flatten the sides of the hanger.
  4. About an inch from each edge, use pliers to twist the hanger’s edges upwards in a 90-degree angle.
  5. Using a book (or multiple books) as reference, adjust the width of the sides until it can comfortably prop the book open.
    1. Optional, but recommended: Use pliers to straighten the hanger’s “hook” and gently bend the wire backward to create a tripod effect.
  6. Place your book on the holder and start multitasking!


We’d love to see your book stands (and what you’re reading on them!), so please send your pictures to us on Facebook (Evansville Vanderburgh Public Library), Twitter (@EVPLibrary), or Instagram (@evplibrary)!

EVPL Staff

EVPL Staff

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