By Erika Qualls Barnett

Are you looking for a fun, cheap way to make a musical instrument with your children?  With a few house-hold items you can make maracas to dance around the home.  These maracas are also a great way to have a conversation about Hispanic Heritage Month during September and October.

Supplies Needed:

  • 2 plastic cups or containers — the same size — clean and dry
  • ½ cup of noise makers: coffee beans, dried peas, macaroni, rice, or pasta
  • Masking tape
  • Options for decorations: Markers, paint, fabric, streamers, etc.















  • Decorate the maraca with bright colors and glue on fabric pieces too if you wish
  • Put the noise makers (pasta, rice, beans, etc.) into one of the cups or containers
  • Connect cups and wrap masking tape around the rims for additional support
  • Enjoy!

Erika Qualls Barnett
Youth Experience Manager

Erika Qualls Barnett

Erika is a cardigan-loving Hufflepuff that enjoys the Cubs, reading, and walks with her husband.

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