By Erika Qualls Barnett

Every Child Ready to Read is a parent education initiative from the Public Library Association and the Association for Library Service to Children.


In an effort to further develop early literacy skills, PLA and ALSC concluded that public libraries could have a greater impact by educating parents and caregivers. By giving parents and caregivers lessons about the importance of early literacy and hot to develop pre-reading skills at home, the efforts of public libraries is multiplied.

Five Skills

The third ECRR Practice we will explore is Writing. Children become aware that printed letters stand for spoken words when they discover and learn about Writing. Reading and Writing really go together, but we will talk a lot more about Reading next week. The best way for children to learn and experience Writing is by scribbling. When your child is still a baby, you can get them ready for scribbling by developing their fine motor skills. This can be done using songs with hand motions like Itsy Bitsy Spider and giving them manipulatives (i.e. scarves, rattles) to shake while singing. Allow your child to use the hand they are most comfortable with when they start picking up objects. Scribbles will evolve into letters, words, and more! Children learn that their scribbles have meaning.

Tips for Incorporating Writing into Daily Life

  • Provide crayons to your child when they are ready, but in a controlled environment. Protect your walls from crayon scribbles!
  • Allow your child to develop fine motor skills by picking up objects such as cereal, puzzle pieces, and other materials. Once again make sure you are watching and use age-appropriate items.
  • Practice writing letters and words. Start with words they are familiar with like their name. 
  • Read every day! Point to the words as you are reading.

Additional Resources

Books to Encourage Writing

Erika Qualls Barnett

Erika Qualls Barnett

Erika is a cardigan-loving Hufflepuff that enjoys the Cubs, reading, and walks with her husband.

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