By Alyssa S.

National Hobby Month

A new year is a great time to learn something new, and January is National Hobby Month!  Hobbies can be just about anything you want. From photography to crafting for the family, here are some resources about a variety of hobbies. There are books and eBooks on baking, calligraphy, starting a collection of sports cards or vinyl records, and all sorts of crafts, like knitting and quilt making.  

If you are more of a visual learner and want to start crafting in 2021, check out Creativebug! Free for EVPL library cardholders, Creativebug has a wide variety of videos, classes, and tutorials for just about any craft. Use simple search terms like “knitting” or “watercolors” to find introductory lessons to learn the basics. Not a beginner? Fear not, Creativebug has you covered too! There are videos for all skill levels. This is a really cool service for anyone who loves to craft.  

Not sure what hobby to take up? Here is a list of dozens of hobbies. Find one that you might like and use that term to search our catalog or Book-A-Librarian to find some specifically curated materials to help start your new hobby!

Some Common Hobbies

Photo Basics: the Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Great Photography

“For digital camera and smartphone users, this easy how-to guide, written by an experienced National Geographic photographer, imparts the essentials of taking great pictures.”


Beginner Gardening Step by Step

“From planting decorative climbers to growing your own tomatoes, these easy steps will make a big difference in how your garden and landscape look and feel. Take the anxiety out of planting, potting, and pruning and enjoy your lush lawn, beautiful landscape, and bountiful garden.”  


The America’s Test Kitchen Family Baking Book

“Every single recipe in this book has been tested not once, not twice, but often as many as 20 or 30 times.  Recipes that work… the first time and every time.” 


Calligraphy in Ten Easy Lessons

Anyone can master the beautiful art of calligraphy, a rewarding pursuit that requires few tools and no artistic training. This practical guide ― the only book that teaches the basic Italic hand (also known as Chancery Cursive) in ten easy steps ― offers comprehensive instructions for beginners.


Calligraphy Workbook for Beginners

“Try your hand at a beautiful, classic, and modern style of writing!  A basic, how-to book for beginners featuring 5 popular fonts or hands, Italic, Uncial, Foundational, Gothic, and Casual Pointed Pen, shown in step-by-step detail.”

eBook on Hoopla

Start a Collection!

Coin Collecting 101

Whether you’ve inherited a coin collection from a relative you’ve joined in on the excitement of filling state quarter coin folders, Coin Collecting 101 is the resource you need to learn and do’s and don’ts of successful collecting.” 


Collecting Basketball Cards

“Provides practical advice on building a basketball card collection, covering such topics as buying and trading cards, as well as grading and preserving them.” 


Collecting Baseball Cards

“Provides practical advice on building a baseball card collection.” 


The Music Lover’s Guide to Record Collecting

“From tips for evaluating records, to lively discussions of bootlegs and piracy, to the history of recording formats, to collectible artists and more, The Music Lover’s Guide to Record Collecting covers all the tracks.” 

eBook on Hoopla

Goldmine’s Essential Guide to Record Collecting

“A collection of short essays discussing various elements of the sound recording industry, and how to navigate the world of record collecting, this book also includes multiple discographies of the most valuable recordings in various genres and collecting areas.”


Arts, Crafts, & DIYs

Candle Making Basics 

This guide presents everything a novice needs to know to get started crafting traditional tapers and molded candles, container and rolled beeswax candles, and interesting variations on each.”

Book | eBook on Hoopla

The Complete Photo Guide to Making Metal Jewelry

Comprehensive reference for all techniques used for making gold, silver, bronze, and copper jewelry.”

Book | eBook | Hoopla

The New Crochet: a Beginner’s Guide, with 38 Modern Projects

“In 25 lessons, beginners will steadily build their repertoire of crochet skills, each one presented in detailed step-by-step photos, from creating foundation chains to decreasing and increasing stitches to crocheting in the round.”

Book | eBook

Doodle Stitching: Embroidery & Beyond

Appealing to stitchers of all levels, the beautiful decorative stitches and techniques here include stumpwork, appliqué, Shisha, cutwork, and Sashiko.”


Knitting 101

A beginner’s guide to knitting, teaching basic techniques through easy projects.” 

Book | eBook

Learn to Knit With 50 Squares

Never thought that YOU could knit? Well, with Learn How to Knit with 50 Squares, you will discover all the essential skills that you need, one stitch at a time. Learn a new stitch by knitting a square, following a clear step-by-step tutorial and chart.”


Origami: a Complete Step-by-Step Guide to Making Animals, Flowers, Planes, Boats, and More

A simple, elegant guide to making origami. From playful animals to delicate flowers and fun paper airplanes, this origami guide has projects that will delight both children and adults.”

Book | eBook  

Brave Intuitive Painting: Let Go, Be Bold, Unfold!

This inspiring and encouraging book for both novice and experienced painters teaches how to create colorful, exciting, expressive paintings through a variety of techniques, combining basic, practical painting principles with innovative personal self-expression.”

Book | eBook | Hoopla

Everyday Watercolor: Learn to Paint Watercolor in 30 Days

“A contemporary paint-every-day watercolor guide that explores foundational strokes and patterns and then builds new skills upon the foundations over the course of 30 days to create finished pieces.” 


Quilts! Quilts! Quilts! The Complete Guide to Quilt Making

“Widely considered to be the best instructional book for anyone learning how to quilt or seeking to improve their quilting skills, this guide boasts the expertise of industry veterans and bestselling authors.” 

Book | eBook

10-20-30 Minute Scrapbook Pages

“Make the most of what little time you have with these simple techniques, clever shortcuts, and easy-to-replicate page layouts.  Before you can say “Speed Scrapbook,” you’ll have great-looking pages in as little as 10, 20, or 30 minutes.”  


The Complete Photo Guide to Soap Making

“Soap making is a fun and creative hobby that you can do right in the comfort of your own kitchen.  Want to learn how?  Look no further.  ‘The Complete Photo Guide to Soap Making’ is an A-Z primer on all things soap making.”  

Book | eBook on Hoopla

Crafts to do with the Kids!

Martha Stewart’s Favorite Crafts for Kids 

“A guide for crafty kids and their parents mixes a family-friendly design with a treasure trove of creative and educational projects that parents and their kids, aged three to twelve, can create together.”  

Book | eBook

ProjectKid: 100 Crafts to Make With and For Your Kids

“Perfect for crafty parents who are eager to get their kids excited about DIY, ProjectKid is everything you could want in a craft book: 100(!) stylish, inventive projects; step-by-step photographs; tips for the novice crafter; easy-to-follow instructions; and a fresh, modern look.” 

eBook on OverDrive | Hoopla

Trash to Treasure: A Kid’s Upcycling Guide to Crafts

“With easy step-by-step instructions, this book will help kids get creative and recycle and repurpose their trash into handmade treasures. All projects feature common everyday items to reuse in a fun new way.”  


Alyssa S.

Alyssa S.

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