By Kerisa R

Hello, friends! Kerisa from EVPL Central’s READ Center here. Does your young child ask for scary stories? Is your older reader ready to move into more difficult books? Or is your child just looking for something new to try? Then hopefully this list will help you find something to satisfy their need to shiver in fright.

I have separated the books into age ranges by the age that it started with. The age ranges came from the Product Details found on Amazon. Each title has been linked to the EVPL catalog. Some titles will have more than one entry because they are available in several formats. Some are only available only as a physical book or as an ebook, while others are available as both of those in addition to audiobooks or even eComics. Some of the series have the same title as the first book, so when you go to the link, it will bring up the whole series under that title.

Ages 2+

Ages 3+

Ages 4+

Ages 5+

Ages 6+

Ages 7+

  • Goth Girl

Ages 8+

Ages 9+

  • City of Ghosts

Ages 10+

Ages 11+

Ages 12+

Ages 13+

Ages 14+

  • Jackaby Series

Ages 15+

  • Anna Korlov

Ages 17+

  • The Passage Trilogy


Kerisa R

Kerisa R

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