By Sara S.

Students work so hard throughout the school year to stretch their minds to the limit. While relaxation and freedom are arguably the best parts of summer vacation, it really is important to keep the learning going, making for an easier transition back to school in the fall. Luckily, EVPL offers several options to help prevent that “summer slide”!

  • Hoopla & Overdrive / Libby: For kids who seem to be glued to their phones or tablets, check out these apps! eBooks and eAudiobooks are an easy way to keep kids exploring through reading!
  • EVPL Databases: A great space for exploration and inspiration, students can familiarize themselves with these tools in preparation for the school year, or the over-achievers can even take free Gale courses!
  • Our collection of DVDs: While we do have an array of documentaries and other educational films, consider checking out a feature film based on a book that your child has read and discuss the differences. Or possibly choose a movie based on or in history and talk about it. (Anything can be educational with conversation and supplementation!)
  • Evansville Museum passes / Wesselman Woods Nature Center passes: Check out one of our free passes and take a trip as a family to use it! Visit their websites online beforehand to find audiobooks related to the exhibits and listen to them on the ride there.
  • Come visit our eight locations: Even if you’re unable to attend one of our many special programs, we have play literacy centers set up, coloring sheets out, Summer Learning Program incentives, computers with Internet access… and books, of course! Summer is the time to let kids read what they want, without the rules and restrictions of school assignments. They gain independence and confidence through making their own book choices, and they’re still working their brains and getting all of the benefits of reading, whether they’re reading an old classic or the newest graphic novel!

Even after school starts, the library is a treasure trove of resources to supplement learning, so remember these tips and modify them to fit your schedule during the school year.

See you at the library!

Sara S.
Experience Facilitator

Sara S.

Sara loves being outdoors with her husband and their good boy, Gilbert. She is passionate about creative expression, girl power, and all things holographic.

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