By Jake K.

As we celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week May 6-10, it is time to highlight some of the offerings for teachers around EVPL.

At our locations

The Reading, Education, and Discovery (READ) Center at EVPL Central is home to the Educational Materials collection. This collection features various textbooks on primary grade content as well as special topics including bullying and psychological development to language learning guides and early childhood development resources. Here you will also find some titles in foreign languages if you are interested in fostering foreign language acquisition for children at a young age.

Each of our eight locations – not just EVPL Central – can provide you with assistance in reserving materials by placing a hold or requesting materials you believe would be a good addition to this collection. Just as important as the items we hold locally, our Interlibrary Loan service also provides access to titles we may not have on hand but can get for you in a reasonable amount of time from a nearby, lending library system.

Teacher requests

For many years, at least since the long-ago merger of the Evansville Public Library and Vanderburgh County Public Library, EVPL has processed special requests from teachers. Working to serve students of all ages, from daycare and preschool through high school and even those at the university level, teachers can contact EVPL to make their requests. In the READ Center, Experience Faciliators work with educators to provide crates of books and other resources for teachers to supplement their instruction. Information considered for these requests:

  • Grade and age-level of books needed
  • Date you would like to pick-up your materials
  • Approximate number of total items needed
  • Subjects and topics desired

Reach out to the READ Center with questions about this service at (812) 428-8225.

Tours and visits to the library

EVPL welcomes many groups to our libraries year-round. Please contact each location’s Experience Manager if you are interested in organizing a visit. You can also email school@evpl.org for help in determining which location may be right for your group.

Research and beyond

EVPL provides access to all cardholders the wealth of databases. Students have accessed these resources in classes for many years, and familiarizing students with peer-reviewed online resources in their formative years prepares them for research in college and upon entering the workforce. These sites also feature access to great resources for educators across all disciplines, such as School Library Journal and other profession-focused publications.

School Engagement Librarian of Practice

The final element I would like to speak to is who I am. I serve EVPL and our community as the Librarian of Practice for School Engagement. I have my dream job. I get to work directly with educators and librarians in our schools, and in turn, students, too. I come from the world of teaching having previously taught English/Language Arts classes. I love working with teachers to understand the needs they have and help bridge gaps between the classroom and library and find and develop needed resources.

You can read all about my work, as well as the work of our other Librarians of Practice at EVPL.

EVPL is proud to work with educators across our community. We salute you for your hard work and dedication to learning and achievement for all.

Jake K.
School Engagement Librarian of Practice

Jake K.

Jake is the School Engagement of Librarian of Practice at EVPL. A lifelong resident of Evansville, he is a self-proclaimed avid indoorsman, an advocate for shelter pets, and is constantly in search of a better cup of coffee.

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