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History isn’t just something that has happened in the past – it’s also about what’s happening now, in this moment. Across the globe, women are leading in the field of business – whether they be top executives, CEOs, or solo entrepreneurs following their ambitions. Check out what EVPL’s Business Central has to offer, for an extra dose of inspiration, grit, and sense of community.

Books at EVPL

Databases at EVPL

  • Want to know just how many women-owned businesses there are in the Evansville area? Check out the databases A to Z and Gale DemographicsNow, where you can search for businesses by industry and even specify to only show those that are owned by women. Go support a local businesswoman near you!

Web Resources

  • Junior League of Evansville – Women’s Conference
    • A long-standing pillar of volunteerism for social justice and reform to achieve public good, the Evansville chapter of the American Junior League is hosting its annual Women’s Conference on April 8th, 2021. Due to COVID-19, this will be a virtual event, focused on empowering and supporting women in every stage of their leadership journey. Click here for more information or to register.
  • Ted Talks – “Women In Business”
    • This curated series highlights some of the best TED talks by women, about women. Organized into unique sections, each category has a diverse selection of presentations perfect for highlighting the challenges, triumphs, and stories of women across the world.
  • Fairygodboss
    • What if GlassDoor and LinkedIn were designed specifically for women and empowering women? Look no further than Fairygodboss – this online platform specializes in job networking, resources, and company ratings and reviews. Dedicated to ensuring each woman gets paid what they’re worth, works in a respectful environment, and achieves their personal career goals, this community is always ready to welcome new members.

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