By Heather McKinney

In 1863, President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed a Thanksgiving Day be held every November. Thanksgiving is the fourth Thursday in November and falls on November 22 this year, making it an early Thanksgiving. Before the parades and football begin, here are a few books to help set the table.

Good Eating’s Thanksgiving Recipes: Traditional and Unique Holiday Recipes for Desserts, Sides, Turkey and More by Chicago Tribune Staff

This eBook comprises the best Thanksgiving recipes as collected by the Chicago Tribune and weaves them into a quick, easy guide to help readers whip up successful holiday dinners. Complete with both traditional and innovative recipes, as well as full-color photography, Good Eating’s Thanksgiving Recipes offers easy-to-follow instructions and kitchen-tested results for a delicious seasonal celebration. Featuring a unique and creative set of entrees, appetizers, side dishes, and desserts, this book is perfect for anyone trying to expand their Thanksgiving repertoire or find inspiration in preparing the perfect holiday meal. Simple holiday treats and savory autumnal favorites make this book a must-have, and the friendly, distinctive tone of the Chicago Tribune makes it a straightforward and accessible resource for any home cook.


Thanksgiving recipes by Lou Seibert Pappas

Thanksgiving explores over 50 of your favorite holiday recipes, offering both traditional and contemporary dishes. With helpful tips for organizing the meal, working with turkey, and creating an inspired menu, this volume will ease the stress, making way for a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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Also available as an eBook



A Catered Thanksgiving: A Mystery With Recipes by Isis Crawford

When the beautiful Thanksgiving turkey they prepared blows up in their client’s face, sisters Bernie and Libby Simmons must convince his family that they are not responsible for his demise and whip up the real killer.







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