The Spy
The Spy
Based on a true story, it centers around Sonja Wigert, Scandinavia's most acclaimed and popular female movie star, who lives in Stockholm when World War II breaks out. Top Nazi officials want Sonja to help power their propaganda machine through the movies she stars in. When her father is imprisoned by the Nazis, Sonja enlists as a spy for the Swedish secret service before meeting the Nazis in Oslo to flirt her father out of prison. In the process of doing so, Sonja not only falls in love with a Hungarian diplomat but also agrees to become a top Nazi's mistress and spy. Torn between personal politics, the desire to become a star, and stretched thin between her true love, her role as a double agent between the Nazis and the Swedish secret service, Sonja must play the role of a lifetime in complete secrecy and with little hope for survival
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