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Sunday, May 20
Today's Hours:

Central 1pm-5pm
East Closed
McCollough Closed
North Park Closed
Oaklyn Closed
Red Bank Closed
Stringtown Closed
West Closed



Magazines & Newspapers

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Code of Library Symbols

Code Location
Ce2 Central Magazines, 2nd floor, Central Library
Ea East Branch
EM Educational Materials, Central Library
GOV DOCS Government Documents, Central Library
LSC Library Science Collection, Central Library
Mc McCollough Branch
NP North Park Branch
Oa Oaklyn Branch
PMC Professional Materials Center, Walnut Building, 216 SE Ninth St., (812) 435-8255
RB Red Bank Branch
READ READ Center, Central Library
RS Reference Services, Central Library
St Stringtown Branch
VCL Vanderburgh County Law Library, 207 City-County Courts Building, (812) 435-5175
We West Branch
WL Willard Library, 21 First Ave., (812) 425-4309
WLS Willard Library Storage, 21 First Ave., (812) 425-4309 ***
YA Young Adult, Central Library
inc incomplete (a break of more than one year)
- (hyphen) to present date
1998 less than the Current year held

***It takes a 24 hour notice to get something from storage at Willard.

If you want a specific issue of a periodical listed here, call the library shown having a file and ascertain that it is available and may be borrowed. When a library lacks a full year of a title this break in its holdings is not shown in this list. Libraries do not circulate bound volumes of periodicals. While most unbound periodicals in EVPL do circulate, listing of a periodical here does not commit any library or agency to a policy of permitting it to be borrowed or used.