EVPL seeks to educate all of our library users on a variety of topics. For our younger users, however, we place particular emphasis on STEAM programming. STEAM learning focuses on science, technology, engineering, arts, and math skills, which ultimately support the building of critical thinking and problem solving skills. These skills are essential to children as they grow and learn.

Companies today seek to hire workers that can problem solve and practice critical thinking. The rate of jobs in STEM fields continues to increase and workers that can fill these positions are in high demand.  The addition of art into STEM encourages children (and adults!) to incorporate creative aspects to their work in the other four disciplines. Participation in STEAM programs for children of all ages will help prepare students as they go to school, explore the job market, or look into higher education. EVPL focuses programming on STEAM to allow children to be creative as they develop theories, ask questions, and dream new ideas. 

Experience EVPL’s STEAM programming by visiting our YouTube channel.

Maker Central

EVPL Maker Central is a space for artistic expression, creative exploration, and educational experimentation.
Our McCollough Washington Square branch is currently closed due to an internet outage. Please visit or call one of our other branches for any assistance you may require.