The Evansville Vanderburgh Public Library is delighted to share Storytime To Go kits with families in our community! Our kits – each complete with songs and storytime tools – are perfect for storytimes with your child. Reading, writing, singing, talking, and playing are the five early literacy skills needed for children to learn how to read on their own. Using your Storytime To Go kit, have fun with your little one as you sing, dance, and make music while they learn new words and make silly sounds. It’s an excellent way to build the early literacy skills needed for learning to read!

  • Beanbags are a great way to engage your child and practice moving our bodies! Balancing the beanbag on your child’s head while they try to walk or passing the beanbag from hand to hand teaches body awareness and skills that help when learning to write.
  • Shakers are a simple way to make dancing to music even more fun! Shaking high and low, loud and soft, or quick and slow helps with learning our opposites and our action words.
  • Scarves are a colorful way to encourage dancing and movement! Playing peekaboo and creating different shapes with the scarf are great opportunities for learning shape and directional words.
  • Bubbles are an exciting way for you to help your child grow! Chasing after bubbles or teaching your little one to blow bubbles helps build muscles needed for play and for language development. Bubbles can also be used as a centering activity if your child is overstimulated. Listen to some quiet, relaxing music and focus on play with a five minute bubble break.

View our Storytime To Go song list here.

*Kits should only be used with adult supervision.

EVPL Staff

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