We are EVPL.

We are the smiling faces that greet you when you walk through our doors. We are the holders of answers to your questions. We are your storytellers and your research gurus. We are the cultivators of curiosity and wonder.

We invite you to meet our leadership. Stop in, and connect with our EVPL team today.

Scott Kinney (he/him)
Heather O’Grady (she/her)
Chief Operating Officer - Assistant Director
Helen A.
Community Health Librarian
Lori Tomlin (she/her)
Stewardship & Governance Officer
Linda B.
Experience Manager, EVPL East
Kimberly B.
Assistant Experience Manager, EVPL Red Bank
Connie B.
Customer Experience Supervisor, EVPL Oaklyn
Candace B.
Experience Manager, EVPL Stringtown
Lisa Chapman
Human Resources Manager
Jennifer D.
Experience Manager, EVPL North Park
Sean D.
Experience Manager, EVPL Central
Audra D.
Audra D.
Adult & Teen Librarian
Kirt E.
Adult & Teen Librarian
Justin E.
Materials Transfer Coordinator
Tracy G.
Custodial Supervisor
Shannon G.
Beth H.
Experience Supervisor, EVPL Central
Nancy Higgs
Public Services Manager
Beth H.
Experience Manager, EVPL Oaklyn
Lesa Holstine
Collections & Technical Services Manager
Andrea K.
Cataloging Manager
Brianna K.
Brianna K.
Assistant Experience Manager, EVPL North Park
Lamont Kelsey
Facilities Manager
Jake K. (he/him)
Reference Librarian
Teresa L.
Customer Experience Supervisor, EVPL Red Bank
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