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Spark your sense of wonder as you explore the happenings of EVPL. Our staff and partners will share ideas, passions, and projects through blog posts. Get to know us, the work we do, and the work we want to do with you. This is where you can dig deeper to learn how and why we do what we do. We hope that you will find inspiration from the sharing of our stories and the sharing of ourselves.  

EVPL is continuously assessing our resources and services to improve our users’ experiences. If you are unable to find previously posted content and would like the included material lists, please reach out to us through our Contact Us page.

EVPL’s Deals for Days
EVPL’s LIBRARY OF THINGS has deals for days to save you money! With an extensive collection, from outdoor games,…
Native American Heritage Month 2022
EVPL and libraries across the country recognize Native American Heritage Month every November
Tech. Literacy
Keep up with technology by using EVPL's resources and services
Simple Science: Melting Skittles
Use your STEAM skills while playing with candy
IN Library Passport
Check-in at EVPL Central for a chance to win prizes
Book Discussions
Discuss reads from a variety of genres with others
Early Voting @ EVPL
Cast your ballot early at five EVPL locations
TeenTober 2022
Celebrate TeenTober at EVPL this month
Ghost Hunting
Utilize EVPL's resources to start your ghost hunting adventures
Simple Science: Balloon Rockets
Blast off with this experiment testing air propulsion and thrust
Simple Science: High Dive
Experiment with gravity during this Simple Science experiment
New York Times
Access the New York Times with your EVPL card
Banned Books Week 2022
Celebrate your freedom to read during Banned Books Week
Learn from the world's top instructors via Gale Presents: Udemy
Paws for Comfort
Enjoy time with Jack the Therapy Dog during Paws for Comfort
LCSUM 2022
Pursue your passions and dreams with an EVPL card
Hispanic Heritage Month
Learn more about and celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month
Piñata Contest
Students are invited to take part in the Piñata Contest
Grow with Google
Find training, tools, and resources to help further your career
August Movies
Check out the movies we'll be showing around EVPL in August
For fiction readers, try out these nonfiction titles
National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month is observed each July
Simple Science: Noise Maker
Explore vibration and sound while imitating bugs with these noise makers
Simple Science: Kaleidoscope
Combine art and engineering to create your own kaleidoscope
Learn the history of Juneteenth, get resources from EVPL
TV Show Pride
Watch these shows during Pride Month
Teacher Locker
Help local teachers through Seasons of Sharing
National Donut Day
Celebrate National Donut Day with EVPL resources
Book n' Cook - EVPL in partnership with Urban Seeds and Legacy Taste of Garden 2021 Book n’ Cook
Check out the recipes we created and books we read during 2021's Book n' Cook
Dungeons & Dragons
Join EVPL for quests and adventures during Dungeons & Dragons
Internship Experience
Learn about Kanada's experience as an EVPL intern
AAPI Graphic Novels
During Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month, check out these titles
Simple Science: Catapult
Use your engineering skills to create a catapult
Multifactor Authentication
Make your accounts safer with multifactor authentication
Lucia Blount
EVPL home to marker dedicated to local suffragist
Sit. Stay. Read.
Young readers can practice their reading skills with a therapy dog
Mental Health
Take time to take care of yourself during Mental Health Awareness Month
Spring Seasonal Snapshots
Capture memories at EVPL's next Seasonal Snapshots
Simple Science: Cloud Dough
Create a sensory experience with this Cloud Dough
Computer Knowledge
Boost your computer knowledge with EVPL
Celebrate the iconic film "Alien" with food, movie showing
Animal Control
Make a difference in the lives of community animals
Minority Health Month
April is National Minority Health Month
Heart Health
Find out how to keep your heart healthy
Early Voting @ EVPL – 2022
Early voting will take place at five EVPL locations.
Recipe Swap
Share a favorite recipe and pick up a new one to try
Keep up with current (and historical!) topics with EVPL's newspaper access
Financial Lit. Month
Celebrate Financial Literacy Month with these EVPL resources and reads
Simple Science: Parachute
Explore science with this gravity-defying experiment
WHM 2022
EVPL invites you to celebrate Women's History Month with us
The EVPL Foundation is auctioning off office furniture, supplies
Teen Advisory
Become a member of EVPL's Teen Advisory Group
Simple Science: Snowballs
Bring winter inside with these snowball shooters
BingePass is access to all things science and nature
Black History Database
Browse primary source documents spanning African American experiences
BHM 2022
EVPL invites you to celebrate Black History Month with us
Simple Science: Gummy Bears
Use your STEAM skills while playing with gummy bears
Tech Programs Spring ’22
EVPL is here to here for all of your technology education needs this spring
Creativity Month
Spark your creativity with these resources
BHM: TV Shows
Check out these television shows during Black History Month
Time Travel Fiction
Take a trip to another time during these reads
Hearts for Heroes
We invite the community to share a special valentine for a community hero with EVPL's Hearts for Heroes.
Tax Aide Resources 2022 Tax Aide Resources
Tax forms, help, and important documents
AARP Tax Aide 2022 AARP Tax Aide
Tax help with AARP trained professionals
Take a look at these resources to help in your fitness journey
Acorn TV
Stream titles from Acorn TV with your EVPL card
Comfort Food
Enjoy some comfort food this holiday season
Take music lessons for a variety of instruments through ArtistWorks
Simple Science: Airplane
Take to the sky with this Simple Science experiment
Free Holiday Gifts
Use your EVPL card to create holiday gifts this season
Holiday Programs 2021
Join us for a variety of holiday programs at EVPL
Writing & Universal Class
Use EVPL's resources to reach your NaNoWriMo goals
One and Done TV
Binge these tv shows that lasted only one season
Simple Science: DIY Slime
Use your STEAM skills to create slime
Celebrate the new Humboldt Penguins at Mesker Park Zoo & Botanic Garden!
National Diabetes Month
Learn about National Diabetes Month
International Games Week
Enjoy gaming with the community during International Games Week
Bullying Prevention Month
October has been recognized as the month to spread awareness about preventing bullying.
Simple Science: Boo-lloons
Create a spooky chemistry experiment with this Simple Science project
Cozy Spots
Find a cozy spot to read in EVPL's locations
Indigenous Peoples’ Day
Check out these titles for young readers to celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day
TeenTober 2021
We're highlighting our resources and services for teens during TeenTober
Observe the Moon
Take a moment to look at the moon on October 9 & 16
Family History Month
Celebrate National Family History Month by using ancestry and genealogy resources
Dental Health
Remember your dental health during Healthy Aging Month
Banned Books Week 2021
Celebrate the freedom to read during Banned Books Week
Stephen King’s Birthday
Celebrate the birthday of author Stephen King
Hispanic Heritage Month 2021
Celebrate and learn more about Hispanic Heritage Month
National Book Festival
Learn more about the 2021 National Book Festival
Digital Collections 101
Learn more about EVPL's digital resources and services
Learn Guitar
Use EVPL's resources to learn how to play guitar
Check out some of the popular titles on #BookTok
LCSUM 2021
Pursue your passions and dreams with an EVPL card
Women’s Equality Day
Learn more about Women's Equality Day with these titles
Business Education
Check out these Universal Class courses to advance your business education
Kanopy Spotlight X
Learn more about one of the most critically acclaimed British shows, "The Prisoner"
Home Cookin’
Cook up a tasty meal at home with your family using these cookbooks
Coloring Books
Color your world with and celebrate National Coloring Day
TV Sci-Fi Highlights
Explore the world of sci-fi with these TV shows
Evansville Beer Timeline
Evansville has a rich brewing history, starting in 1837 when Jacob Rice and his brother-in-law Fred Kroener founded the…
Ice Cream
Learn the history of ice cream
Food Facts
Learn more about where your food comes from
READ Cooking III
Create food from your favorite shows and movies!
EVPL Friends Book Sale History
Discover the history of EVPL's Friends group and their book sales
Pride Month
Here are some titles to check out during Pride Month
Paperback Mysteries
Take a break from the real world and dive into a Paperbook Mystery
Kanopy Spotlight IX
In honor of Pride Month, check out these films with LGBTQIA+ characters and stories
4th of July
Celebrate Independence Day by checking out these titles
READ Cooking II
Taste science with these cookbooks
READ Cooking I
Create some gross food with these cookbooks
Page Turner Adventures
Discover stories, crafts, and summer fun with PageTurner Adventures
Food Drive
Donate to local college students experiencing food insecurity
Face the Music
Listen to some new and classic tunes available from EVPL
Preserve Memories
Use EVPL's Preservation Studio to digitize your mementos
Here's what the EVPL staff have on our "To Be Read" list
Audiobook Month
Listen to some great titles during Audiobook Month
Summer Programs
Join EVPL for some awesome virtual and in-person summer programs!
Summer Reads
Go on an adventure with these Summer Reads
Kanopy Spotlight VIII
Get some laughs while watching horror movies
Book to Movie
Read the books before they become movies this summer
WPA Furniture
Check out the historic WPA Doll Furniture at EVPL
Text says Mental Health Awareness Month - YA Materials YA | Mental Health
Check out these YA titles during Mental Health Awareness Month
Mental Health
May is Mental Health Awareness; learn more
Cinco de Mayo
Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with these Picture Books
Celebrate Educators
Celebrate educators on National Teacher Day
EVPL History
Dive into the history of the Evansville Vanderburgh Public Library
CBW 2021
EVPL will be joining libraries, booksellers, and schools throughout the country this week to celebrate the 102nd anniversary of…
Find it All
Here's how to find what you're looking for at EVPL
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Learn how to be kind to the environment every day
Yoga & Mindfulness
Explore the world of yoga and mindfulness with your little one
Earth Science
Learn more about the Earth with these books full of activities and experiments
Kanopy Spotlight - Asian Cinema Kanopy Spotlight VII
Check out these films out of Japan, South Korea, and China, available on Kanopy
Popsicle Stick Puzzle
Create your own puzzle from popsicle sticks
Use these books to spark a conversation about the environment
Prince Philip
Learn more about the life and service of His Royal Highness Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh
Text says Book Spine Poetry with an image of stacked books Book Spine Poetry
Create poetry using books and a little creativity
April Nonfiction
Here's what's new in Nonfiction for April 2021
National Library Week
Celebrate National Library Week with these books about libraries
African American Poets
Read the works of prolific African American poets
Text says National Garden Month over an image of young gardeners National Garden Month
April is National Garden Month; learn about its several benefits
Walking for Health
Try walking for exercising to improve health, mood, and energy
Education @ EVPL
From print and digital collections to online tutoring, EVPL is here to support your education
Quarantine Hobbies
Here's the hobbies we developed during quarantine
Spring Cleaning
It's time to clean and organize your space
Women in STEM
Learn about women who have made an impact in STEM fields
Earth Day 2021
Learn more about our planet and the environment this Earth Day
Women in Business
Titles, resources, and information for women in business
Narrative Skills
Help your little one develop narrative skills
Women in Comics
Female characters and the women who bring them to life
Block Party
Building with blocks fosters learning in all areas of development such as cognitive, physical, and social-emotional
Digital Magazines
Everything you need to know about the new home of digital magazines
Mosaic Knitting
Learn how to knit a new pattern with EVPL and Creativebug
Festival of Nations
Learn more about the 2021 Virtual Festival of Nations
Kanopy Spotlight VI
A dive into the world of female filmmakers available on Kanopy
Keyboards @ EVPL
Borrow a piano keyboard and learn how to play
Hand Pi
Celebrate Pi Day with this delicious recipe, pie resources
Women of EVPL
A look at the leaders of EVPL in honor of Women's History Month
STEAM Experiment
Bring science to life with these STEAM books full of experiments
March Nonfiction
Here's what's new in Nonfiction for March 2021
Nutrition Month
March is National Nutrition Month
Mar. Book Discussions
Chat about books with fellow readers during March Book Discussions
Women’s History Month
Celebrate Women's History Month with these titles
Free Streaming
Discover new titles with these free streaming services
Browse and borrow magazine issues on your smart device
Spark your curiosity with these books about STEAM topics
History Expanded
Read deeper into American history
Iditarod 2021
Learn about the history, rules, and racers of the Iditarod
Book to Film
Check out these books that have made it to the big screen
Education Materials
Check out these educational materials picked out by EVPL Staff
Fine Motor Development
Check out these activities to strengthen fine motor skills
STEAM: Valentine’s Science
Use your STEAM skills for fun Halloween experiments
2021 AARP Tax Aide
AARP tax professionals will be at five of our EVPL locations between February and April to help navigate tax…
Ukuleles @ EVPL
Borrow a ukulele from EVPL and learn how to play
Kanopy Spotlight V
A dive into the world of Black cinema available on Kanopy
Black History Month
EVPL invites you to celebrate Black History Month with us.
2021 Tax Aide
Tax forms, help, and important documents
Meet Your Legislators
Track legislation, contact local officials, learn about the legislation process
Clean Eating
Explore clean eating and its benefits
More Book Bundles
Explore new books, movies, and CDs - bundled up!
STEAM: Candy
Create Maple Sugar Snow Candy while using STEAM skills
Appreciate the art of pausing with hygge
Illustration & Kids
Explore your illustration skills and be inspired by these artists
COVID-19 Vaccine FAQs: eligibility, sign-up info, what you need to know
2020 Staff Favorites
Take a look at EVPL staff's favorite 2020 reads, watches, and listens
Khan Academy
Resource Spotlight: Khan Academy provides educational experiences
Feb. Book Discussions
Chat about books with fellow readers during February Book Discussions
MLK Booklist
Learn about the life, legacy, and lessons of Martin Luther King Jr.
Discover Poetry
Discover the impact of poetry, how to read it, how to write it
January Nonfiction
Here's what's new in Nonfiction for January 2021
Historic Recipes
Get inspired by these historic recipes from around the state
“The Queen’s Gambit”
Check into the world of chess
Deep Breathing
Reduce stress with these four steps
National Hobby Month
Start the new year with a new hobby
Learn about the history of Kwanzaa, how it's celebrated
2021 Reading Challenges
Challenge yourself to read more in 2021
“The Language of Flowers”
Read "The Language of Flowers" with EVPL's Women's Fiction Book Discussion group
Get creative in 2021 with EVPL
Jan. Book Discussions
Chat about books with fellow readers during January Book Discussions
STEAM Nonfiction
STEAM into 2021 with Great Nonfiction Reads for Children
Cozy Mysteries
Curl up with a cozy mystery
Royal Titles
Go behind the scenes of "The Crown" with these royal titles
Winter Wonderland
Step into a Winter Wonderland with these titles
New Year, New Goals
Ring in the New Year with new goals
December Binge
Find a new show to binge in December
YA Holiday Reads
Festive reads for young adult book lovers
Holiday Movies
Ring in the holidays with these festive movies
Kids’ Chapter Books
Enjoy middle-grade chapter books filled with festive reads
Christmas Audiobooks
Get in the festive holiday spirit with these audiobooks
Kanopy Spotlight IV
Check out the works by film company, A24
Celebrate Hanukkah
Learn more about the history of Hanukkah
Mathematical Art
Create art using math
Winter Solstice
Learn how communities around the world celebrate the during the Winter Solstice
Festive Teen Reads
Kick off the festive season with a fun YA read
Teen Nonfiction
These reads will give you things to do, make you laugh, and inspire you
Transgender Awareness
Transgender Day of Remembrance is November 20
Pumpkin Twists
Bake with your little ones to develop new skills
Louise Penny
Discover the devils of Louise Penny's latest novel
DIY Book Stand
DIY a book stand so you can multitask while reading
Job Search Tips
Creative job search ideas for when you’re at the end of your rope
Kids’ STEAM Fiction
Check out STEAM fiction titles for kids
Digital Yearbooks
Browse local high school yearbooks
“The Flatshare”
Learn about the Women's Fiction Book Discussion December pick
NaNoWriMo Novels
Check out these titles that started as NaNoWriMo projects
Get “Inspire”d
Browse the resources available from the Inspire database
DIY Recycled Notebook
Create a notebook from upcycled materials
November Nonfiction
Check out Nonfiction titles added in November
Dec. Book Discussions
Chat about books with fellow readers during December Book Discussions
National Adoption Month
Learn more about and celebrate adoption
Unstructured STEAM
Learn about the benefits of unstructured STEAM play
Kurt Vonnegut
Learn about writer Kurt Vonnegut
Native American Heritage Month
Learn more about the history and heritage of Native Americans
Kindness Day
Celebrate World Kindness Day with these books
Sean Connery
Celebrate the career of Sean Connery
NaNoWriMo 2020
Challenge yourself to write 50,000 words during NaNoWriMo
Story Trail
EVPL is proud to be part of the Story Trail at Garvin Park
Book Discussion
Join the Women's Fiction Book Group to Discuss "A Woman is No Man"
Similar Titles
Titles similar to Jean Thompson's "The Year We Left Home"
Scary Titles
Find a scary title for readers of all ages
Author Visit
Discuss Jean Thompson's book, "The Year We Left Home"
Carrot Cupcakes
Best served with a side of EVPL's Storytimes
Kanopy Spotlight III
Check out the works of filmmaker George A. Romero
Steampunk Titles
Dive into the Steampunk genre
STEAM: Spooky Science
Use your STEAM skills for fun Halloween experiments
DIY Cat Tent
Make a comfy place for your fur friends
Learn how to develop your child's early literacy skills
Learn how to develop your child's early literacy skills
Election Resources
Check out these election resources
Election Reads
Learn more about the history of voting and Election Day
Fiction Discussion
Discuss Women's Fiction with fellow readers
Learn how to develop your child's early literacy skills
October Nonfiction
Check out this selection of top Nonfiction titles of October
’90s Halloween Movies
Celebrate Halloween with a trip to the 1990s!
Health Literacy Month
October is Health Literacy Month
Kanopy Spotlight II
Check out the works of filmmaker Dario Argento
EVPL’s TeenTober
Celebrate teen services at the library
Colorful Picture Books
To help young readers celebrate their heritage or learn about Hispanic culture, check out some of these colorful picture…
Banned Books Week
Learn more about Banned Books Week
Every Child Ready to Read II
Learn how to develop your child's early literacy skills
Every Child Ready to Read
Learn how to develop your child's early literacy skills
Be Creative
Spark creativity with a variety of EVPL resources
Bilingual Stories
Increase early literacy skills with bilingual books
Hispanic Heritage Month
Celebrate and learn more about Hispanic Heritage Month
Read a Book Day
Celebrate Read a Book Day with some books you really can read in one day
Library Card Sign-up Month
Pursue your passions and dreams with an EVPL card
Suffrage Centennial
Learn about the suffrage movement during the Virtual Suffrage Centennial Block Party
Kanopy Spotlight
Check out the films of Taika Waititi
Fall 2020 Early Voting
Early voting will take place at five EVPL locations.
Horror Movies
Check out these hidden horror movie gems on Hoopla
Discussion Group
Join EVPL's newest book discussion group
Discuss Reads
Digitally discuss books with fellow readers
About Kanopy
Stream movies, documentaries, classics and more with Kanopy
Shark Week
There are "fin"tastic reads about sharks for all ages
Get Crafty
Bust your boredom with these crafting websites
Video Tips
Utilize these tips when creating video content
Book Lovers Day
Celebrate National Book Lovers day with these titles
Educator Resources
As we reach the starting line of another school year, I think it is safe to say we all…
Back to School
Get ready for a unique school year
STEAM Challenge VIII
Expand your STEAM skills with these challenges
DIY Pot Tower
Create your own planter pot tower
Book Spine Poetry
Express yourself with book spine poetry
Collaborative Storytelling
Learn the basics of Dungeons and Dragons
STEAM Challenge VII
Expand your STEAM skills with these challenges
Nature Writing II
Let nature be your creative guide
Nature Writing
Be inspired by nature to get creative
Healthcare Professionals
Celebrate the healthcare professionals with these titles
Indoor Camping
Bring the fun of camping inside
Your Job Search
Use (free!) EVPL resources to find your next job
Watch Hoopla
Watch titles from Hoopla on the big screen
Inspiring Courage
Check out these stories that inspire courage
Staff Favorites
Check out EVPL staff favorites from quarantine.
STEAM Challenge VI
Expand your STEAM skills with these challenges
Historic Newspapers
Search for local history in our Evansville Historical Newspapers database
Ice Cream
Beat the heat this summer by creating your own sweet treat
Friendship Day
Celebrate friendship with these books and movies.
Laura Numeroff’s Birthday
Celebrate author and illustrator Laura Numerhoff's birthday with storytime, songs, and rhymes.
STEAM Challenge V
Expand your STEAM skills with these challenges
Eric Carle’s Birthday
Celebrate the birthday of author and artist Eric Carle!
STEAM Challenge IV
Expand your STEAM skills with these challenges
Alphabet Scavenger Hunt
Find the entire alphabet in in your community, in your house, or in your favorite book
STEAM Challenge III
Expand your STEAM skills with these challenges
Early Literacy: Music
Build early literacy skills in young readers with music
Book Bundles
Explore new books, movies, and CDs - bundled up!
STEAM Challenge II
Expand your STEAM skills with these challenges
Changed Worlds
Learn about these fictional and real-life changed worlds
Dune Books & Movies
Dune: The books, movies, documentaries, and more
Racial Inequality Statement
The Evansville Vanderburgh Public Library issues the following statement regarding racial inequity.
STEAM Challenge
Expand your STEAM skills with these challenges
Another Option
Participate in Our Summer by giving us a call!
Careers & Business
EVPL has always had a large selection of books to help with career planning, job hunting, and starting and…
RBdigital Expansion
More materials for all ages in RBdigital.
EVPL and Coronavirus
Here's how EVPL is addressing concerns over Coronavirus (COVID-19).
Bouncy Egg
Learn how to turn a raw egg into a bouncy ball.
Preservation Week
Preservation Week is a chance to learn about the preservation work done by libraries and museums.
Cloud Dough
Create a fun sensory activity and develop fine motor, math, and reading skills
Early Voting @ EVPL
Early voting will take place at five EVPL locations.
Earth Day Fun
Try out one of these crafts to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day
National Library Week
National Library Week is celebrated April 19 - 25, 2020.
Digital Cookbooks
Spark your cooking creativity with these digital cookbooks
Feel Good Movies
Check out these movies to boost your mood during this time.
Virtual Travel
Go on a fictional journey throughout the world.
Biblio-Poetry Therapy
Learn about the history and practice of using words to heal.
Bingeable Series
Get lost in a complete series from the EVPL digital collection.
Instant Digital Card
Even if you haven't had a chance to get an EVPL card, you can still borrow from our digital…
Collections Expansion
We've added more than 4,000 titles to our Digital Collection
Quarantine Resources
Here are a few resources to check out for kids, teens, adults, and families during this time.
Spring Break
EVPL is the place for fun Spring Break activities.
Server Migration
EVPL servers will be down on Tuesday, March 3.
Black History Month
EVPL invites you to celebrate Black History Month with us.
Valentines for Veterans
Evansville Vanderburgh Public Library invites the community to create a valentine for a local veteran.
Book Discussions
Discuss great reads at EVPL
2020 AARP Tax Aide
AARP tax professionals will be at five of our EVPL locations between February and April to help navigate tax…
Genealogy 104
More methods on researching your family tree
Ann Cleeves
Learn more about mystery author Ann Cleeves
True Crime
Learn more about the True Crime genre.
Genealogy 103
Dive deeper into your family tree with EVPL's resources
Adventurous Cookbooks
Let your taste buds take a trip with these adventurous cookbooks
Genealogy 102
The next steps in researching your family tree.
Genealogy 101
The Very Beginners Guide to Genealogy
Easy Reader Collection
Explore the Easy Reader collection at EVPL North Park
Hoopla Titles
Stream titles instantly with Hoopla
Gale Courses
Expand your knowledge by taking a Gale Course
Service Highlight
Utilize the power of Brainfuse JobNow to bolster your resume, practice your interview, and get that job.
Get More
Two EVPL patrons describe what the library, and its services, mean to them
Museum Passes
Check out a family pass to the Evansville Museum from EVPL.
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