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Spark your sense of wonder as you explore the happenings of EVPL. Our staff and partners will share ideas, passions, and projects through blog posts.  Get to know us, the work we do, and the work we want to do with you. This is where you can dig deeper to learn how and why we do what we do.  We hope that you will find inspiration from the sharing of our stories and the sharing of ourselves.  

EVPL is continuously assessing our resources and services to improve our users’ experiences.  If you are unable to find previously posted content and would like the included material lists, please reach out to us through our Contact Us page.

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Book Discussions
Discuss great reads at EVPL
Genealogy 104
More methods on researching your family tree
Ann Cleeves
Learn more about mystery author Ann Cleeves
True Crime
Learn more about the True Crime genre.
Genealogy 103
Dive deeper into your family tree with EVPL's resources
Adventurous Cookbooks
Let your taste buds take a trip with these adventurous cookbooks
Genealogy 102
The next steps in researching your family tree.
Genealogy 101
The Very Beginners Guide to Genealogy
Easy Reader Collection
Explore the Easy Reader collection at EVPL North Park
Hoopla Titles
Stream titles instantly with Hoopla
Gale Courses
Expand your knowledge by taking a Gale Course
Service Highlight
Utilize the power of Brainfuse JobNow to bolster your resume, practice your interview, and get that job.
Get More
Two EVPL patrons describe what the library, and its services, mean to them
Museum Passes
Check out a family pass to the Evansville Museum from EVPL.
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