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Legal Reference

Business Central's Legal Reference Collection is a vast print resource that can be accessed any time the library is open. The collection includes:

Laws and regulations

United States Statutes at Large & Slip Laws, 1921 - present
Code of Federal Regulations, current year
Federal Register, current and previous year
U.S. Code, current edition

Indiana Acts, 1830 - present
Burns Indiana Statutes Annotated Code Edition, current edition
Indiana Code, current edition
Administrative Code, current edition
Indiana Register, 1982 - 2006

Other Regulations:
Bankruptcy Code, Rules & Forms
Uniform Commercial Code
International Residential Code
International Building Code
National Electrical Code
Uniform Plumbing Code
Uniform Fire Code
International Fire Code
National Fire Code

Additional Resources

The general Legal Reference Collection covers a broad range of materials. There are:

Dictionaries such as
Black's Law Dictionary

Directories such as
Martindale-Hubbell's Directory

Handbooks and Guides such as
Securities Law Handbook
Employer's Legal Handbook
Upstart Small Business Legal Guide
Copyright Handbook

Some resources are specifically for businesses operating in Indiana:
Employment Law Handbook, Indiana COC
Environmental Compliance Handbook, Indiana COC
Indiana Employer's Guide
Incorporating in Indiana Without a Lawyer