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Use this database for online access to obituary records of Vanderburgh County and surrounding southwestern Indiana taken from Evansville newspapers: The Evansville Courier, The Evansville Press, and The Evansville Courier Press.
This database contains the several subcollections including city directories, yearbooks, postcards, images, and electronic books. All are keyword searchable.
This database contains the newspaper clippings of local value from the Evansville Press archive when it ceased publication, and includes the work of Charles Browning, whose two biographical works, People of Evansville in World War II, about 40,000 cards, and his People Study, about 537,000 cards, are now online for the first time. For more information about this project, click here.
The Shoah Visual History Foundation chose Central Library as a regional site for the 115 recorded interviews with Holocaust survivors and witnesses from Indiana, Kentucky, and parts of Illinois. Search this database for specific testimonies. Testimonies are available in DVD-ROM* format for use on home computers, and can also be viewed on the Library's public access computers.