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Friday, April 20
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Indiana Room

Aerial Photos

1940 Vanderburgh County aerial photos - Map Case (Central Library, Indiana Room)

Vanderburgh County aerial photos - Vanderburgh County Surveyor's office


Vanderburgh County aerial photos - Map Drawer 1-2


Vanderburgh County aerial photos - Map Drawer 3 (also Vanderburgh Co Surveyor's office)


Vanderburgh County aerial photos - Map Drawer 4 and 5


Online plat map with street index, subdivisions index - also Assesment Database, Sales Database link to aerial photos with index by street address, owners' name at the Vanderburgh County Assessor's Office.


Online aerial photos at Evansville GIS links aerial photos to information from Area Plan Commission, County Assessor, Evansville Building Commission, County Election Results, Heavy Trash Pickup, County Highway Vehicle Locator, Evansville MPO (road projects, truck routes), Evansville Police Department, County Surveyor, and Evansville Urban Forestry


Online aerial photos with databases linked at IndianaMap.

"Map Drawer" refers to the Map Case in Indiana Room at Central Library.

  • What does the Library have?
    EVPL has four sets of Vanderburgh County photos, taken in 1940, 1958, 1966, and 1972. The Library has no plans to acquire older photos, and is unlikely to acquire a newer set (unless one is donated).

  • Where is the collection?
    The aerial photos are stored in the map case in the Indiana Room.

  • How does the user locate a particular photo?
    For each set, there is an index photo showing the area covered by the set. The user looks at that photo to identify the area of interest, and notes the index number(s) for the photos covering that area. The photos are arranged in numerical order, so the number and year are all that's needed.

  • Can the aerial photos be checked out?
    Unfortunately, because the condition of the collection is deteriorating, the Library no longer circulates these historical photos. They may be photocopied in the Library.

  • Who else has aerial photos?
    The Area Plan Commission when last contacted had some sets that are older than the Library's.

    The City Engineer when last contacted had a 1990 set, and indicated that they intend to acquire new sets as they become available.

    The Vanderburgh County Surveyor when last contacted had 1953 and 1966 sets.
Please call Reference at (812) 428-8218 if you have any questions.