By Erika Q.

EVPL will be joining libraries, booksellers, and schools throughout the country this week to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Children’s Book Week. This celebration is the longest-running book initiative championing children’s literature. This year’s theme – Read Now*Read Forever – focuses on the importance of reading to children now to help them appreciate literature and reading as they grow older. EVPL is excited to be joining over 1,300 organizations across all 50 states to celebrate the joy of children’s literature!

As part of our celebration, EVPL has asked prominent citizens of our community to join us throughout the week to share a favorite children’s book via our social media. The support from our city’s government, public safety, education, news, and cultural institutions has been phenomenal in celebrating Children’s Book Week.  I enjoyed working with each of the five faces of Evansville over the course of the past month and want to extend my gratitude.

Please be sure to visit EVPL’s social media every day from April 29 – May 3 to hear a message and reading from one of our guests. EVPL locations will have displays curated by staff members celebrating their favorite children’s books. Visit and be a part of sharing with us.

Children’s Book Week is a celebration of reading to and with children. Numerous studies can be cited to prove the importance of reading at an early age, but the best reward is the quality time your child has with you while you read together. EVPL has programs throughout the year to demonstrate to parents and guardians how to read with their child. Our 1OOO Books Before Kindergarten program has over 500 registrants in the first four months! Evansville is a city that loves to read, and EVPL is here to support, encourage, and celebrate that love with you.

Happy Reading!

Erika Q.
Youth Experience Manager

Erika Q.

Erika is a cardigan-loving Hufflepuff that enjoys the Cubs, reading, and walks with her husband.

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