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STEAM Weekly Challenge

Every week, EVPL will be posting a new STEAM Challenge for you to complete from your home! The challenge will run from Monday until Friday. Your parents can help, or you can complete the challenge on your own. We would love to see your creations! Submissions will be posted the following Monday when a new challenge is presented.

Tower Power

Description: In this challenge, we are asking you to look around your home and find something you can use to create an awesome tower that stands on its own. This tower can rest on a table, or it can sit on the floor and be taller than you! It’s all up to you. Then, post your tower on social media to show off your design.

Suggested materials: You can use BIG things, such as building blocks or couch cushions. Small things, such as toothpicks, LEGOs, plastic drinking cups, or marshmallows OR a combination of things that make your tower stronger.

Be sure to be safe and ask permission from an adult before building!

Additional suggestions to enhance challenge:

As you build, ask yourself:

    1. Did you have a “Back to the Drawing Board” moment when you had to rethink your design? How did you solve the problem?
    2. Did one type of building material work better than others? Why?

Additional challenges:

  • Name your tower
  • Measure your tower: how tall is it?
  • Count the number of things you used. (Example: I used 20 toothpicks and 10 pieces of paper.
  • Test your tower’s strength by resting objects on top. Test with heavier weights and see how much weight your tower will hold!

Age Group/Grade level suggested: Pre-K – Grade 2 with supervision; Grades 3 and up on their own. This can become a family activity with adult help, but kids should lead the design process.

Send a picture of your tower to marketing@evpl.org to be featured next week!

Submission requirements:

First name


Name of submission

Height of their tower

Learning outcomes

EVPL Staff

EVPL Staff

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