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Throwback Thursday, or #TBT on social media platforms, is an opportunity to highlight local history, reflect on past events, and spark curiosity about our yesterdays. EVPL shares #TBT posts weekly, pulling from our archives to share with history-loving library users.

Here’s what we shared in February 2023.

#TBT to library users throughout the years

February is National Library Lovers Month!

The Evansville Vanderburgh Public Library has been proudly serving our library lovers for 110 years. We’ve gathered some of our favorite photographs of our patrons through the years, and wanted to share them with everyone!

Photographs include:

  1. An adult education program at Glenwood Branch Library, located inside Glenwood School in 1956.
  2. Patrons reading at the Emma Roach Library, which became Cedar Hall in 1953.
  3. Children in the old Central Library’s Reading Room. This building now houses the Children’s Museum of Evansville.
  4. Patrons using the computers at the first Oaklyn Library, formerly the Lynch School building.

#TBT to December 12, 1957

#TBT to December 1957.

February 22 is National Supermarket Employee Day!

Featured in this week’s Throwback Thursday post are employees of Wesselman’s Market in the Lawndale Shopping Center, opening on December 12, 1957. Over to the right, you’ll notice a space labeled “Booketeria,” which was a part of the public library, making this Evansville’s first supermarket library branch!

#TBT to 1983


#TBT to 40 years ago.

On February 17, 1983, members of Local 808 of the International Union of Electrical Workers made the decision to strike at the Whirlpool Corporation plants. The strike was predominantly due to a cap on the worker’s cost-of-living adjustment. Other areas of debate included pension, reduction in pay for night shift employees, weekend shifts without overtime pay, and language around vacation time. The strike, lasting 109 days, affected 4,200 workers, who experienced nearly $38 million dollars in lost wages and benefits, according to records. Whirlpool was Evansville’s largest employer at that time, and on June 5, 1983, a 2-1 vote ended the strike.


EVPL Staff

EVPL Staff

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