​Tackling community issues with expert librarians. 

As one of only two public libraries who have Librarians of Practice, EVPL aims to focus on community priorities by dedicating staff to research, inquire, curate, and design experiences with individuals, groups, and organizations.

Community Health
Our most basic health involves our body. When we feel good, we think we can do anything! Yet we…
Community Inquiry
Inquiry is about tapping into our natural ability to be curious and using it to challenge the assumptions that…
Community Knowledge
Capturing and documenting important moments in the community when they happen is crucial to preserving the spirit of our…
Early Literacy
In today’s world reading is an essential life skill, yet learning to read is hard.
Performing Arts
The arts provide a space where magic can happen, ideas can grow, and inspiration can become reality.
School Engagement
Only through strong relationships and open communication can we build a support system for each other.
Tween/Teen/Transitional Youth
We aim to break through stigmas by creating a dialogue that focuses on the positive nature of our youth…