By Kelli M.

“Do you have this book? I saw it on TikTok.” Lately, this question has become a frequent request heard by librarians everywhere. The popular social media app, TikTok, has taken the world by storm, and with it comes a new generation of reading enthusiasts. 

Known for its short-length videos, usually created and viewed on a smartphone, TikTok has become a place to share and watch videos on virtually anything. From amusing dances, to song parodies, to cooking videos, to people just being plain hilarious, TikTok has it all. Readers around the world have also discovered that TikTok is an excellent platform for sharing and receiving book recommendations, and so the world of #BookTok was formed. On the TikTok app, if you search for #BookTok, you will be presented with millions of videos of book lovers raving about the books they read. 

#BookTok has become a true community of readers. #BookTok video creators find unique ways to share the books they love, hate, and the titles that make them cry. The popularity of the platform has led to increased popularity of older titles, or ones that may have been forgotten. 

While some may see TikTok’s popularity as another fleeting trend, one thing that’s for sure is that it does have influence over users’ habits and actions. #BookTok is the source of many books’ resurgence and it’s fostering a culture of reading. So while it’s here, libraries will have what you need to get your latest #BookTok fix. 

Check out these #BookTok-famous books at EVPL:

Teens/Young Adult Reads

Adult Reads

Did you find your own #BookTok recommendation you want to check out? Make sure to search EVPL’s online catalog to find it online or at your nearest EVPL location. 

How can you participate in the #BookTok phenomenon? Simply download the TikTok app on a smartphone or device. Create an account and use the discover tab to search #BookTok. 

Kelli M.
Adult and Teen Librarian

Kelli M.

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