By Kelli M.

Holiday celebrations, brisk weather, and warm fires make me think of one thing: comfort food. Comfort food nourishes the soul, as well as the stomach, and is usually craved by those hibernating inside for the winter season or celebrating time with loved ones. 

I typically associate the phrase with super filling, satisfying recipes high in flavor (think: meatloaf, mashed potatoes, apple pie). However, the foods that provide comfort are different for everyone.

So what makes a good “comfort” food recipe? 

1. Comfort food appeals to the senses. 

  • You know what’s coming by the smell in the kitchen. Its presentation on a plate makes you salivate. Maybe it’s food that sizzles in a skillet or bubbles as it comes out of an oven. Perhaps it warms your hands when held in a bowl. Of course, the most important sense here is taste. The food must be flavorful and delicious. 

2. Comfort food is nourishing.

  • It should be a hearty recipe that leaves you feeling satisfied.

3. Comfort food means something to you. 

  • Perhaps your idea of comfort food is a family recipe passed down from a loved one. It should bring positive feelings and perhaps make you feel nostalgic. There is sentimental value to the foods we find comforting. 

4. Comfort food is what YOU enjoy. 

  • “Comfort” food can be different for all. Depending on your background, culture, or traditions, your idea of food will be different from the person next to you. What matters is that it’s something you enjoy eating. Eat what you love. 

    If you are looking for some comforting food to whip up this holiday season, EVPL has many resources where you can find delightful recipes: 

    Cookbooks at EVPL

    Digital Cookbooks at EVPL

    Digital Magazines at EVPL

    *Many print magazines are also available at EVPL locations. 

    Cake Pans!

    If baking cakes aligns with your idea of comfort food, you can now check out cake pans with your library card at EVPL! See the available cake pans we have at this link: 

    One of my favorite comfort food recipes 

    (Credit: Kentucky Living)

    Banana Croquettes


    • Bananas
    • Miracle Whip 
    • Peanuts, chopped 


    • Peel and cut your bananas into halves or thirds. 
    • Slice your banana pieces lengthwise so that they have a flat top on one side. 
    • Spread a little bit of Miracle Whip onto the flat side of each banana piece. 
    • Sprinkle chopped peanuts on top of the banana slices. 
    • Enjoy!
    Kelli M.
    Adult & Teen Librarian

    Kelli M.

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