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Spring is here and the weather is turning beautiful! With sunny skies, warm grass, and a fresh breeze blowing through Evansville, Mother Nature herself is getting ready to celebrate Earth Day. Inspired by an oil spill off the coast of Southern California, lawmakers and activists came together to create a day of education and awareness about water and air pollution. The first Earth Day was in 1970, and over 50 years later millions of people across the world come together every April 22 to celebrate our planet and all it means to us. Here are different ways you can celebrate in your community!

Start a Pollinator Garden

Pollinator gardens are a wonderful way to keep native plants flourishing in your neighborhood and can be easily adapted to your green space needs. They’re also important because they provide habitats and food for vital members of our ecosystem. Native plant gardens are important because those plants will best attract and serve the local fauna of your area. Additionally, there is also less of a risk of causing any ecological damage. Remember to use a natural pest repellent and keep a water source for your new friends nearby! Pollinators are more than just bees too. You might see birds, moths, butterflies, beetles, and more buzz their way through your garden.

Get Outside

It’s looking like it’s going to be an absolutely lovely day this Earth Day! Why not spend it outside connecting with nature in Evansville! Wesselman Woods has miles of gorgeous trails to explore with friends and family with diverse and exciting flora and fauna. You could spend hours tracking and identifying all kinds of fascinating creatures and plants. They have a special event planned for Earth Day!

On the other side of town, you can visit their second property, the Howell Wetlands, for even more educational opportunities and fun! They’ll also have an event to celebrate Earth Day! With so much to see and explore, you’ll never get bored.

Local Recycling

Recycling is a great way to do your part to take care of the planet for future generations. Every little bit helps! Evansville’s curbside recycling is picked up by Republic Services. Through this service you can recycle: aluminum & aluminum, steel, and bi-metal containers, lids and caps; corrugated cardboard; chipboard (cereal boxes, soda cases, etc.); magazines, newspapers, telephone books, catalogs, etc.; mail, inserts, junk mail, etc.; paper, envelopes, and paperboard. The city of Evansville currently doesn’t accept any glass materials for recycling. Any glass that is placed in your recycling bin will be removed and sent to a landfill. Don’t worry though, there are several ways you can still recycle your glass. You can drop off your glass at the Posey County facility, Marrs Recycling. Find your trash/recycling pick-up schedule here.

EVPL Programming

EVPL has a ton of awesome programs happening this month to celebrate Earth Day!

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