By EVPL Staff

I began my internship with EVPL Central in January 2022. I was placed in the Programming department alongside Erika Qualls Barnett, who made my experience the best one possible. I am excited to share my experience with you!

Working in other departments

I had the privilege of working with other departments and learning about what they do as a team to help grow the library as a whole. While I enjoyed getting to know each department, my favorite was Marketing. I was able to develop an understanding of the processes and techniques everyone uses to complete the final product. In addition to this, I also learned how the different printing machines work and how much value they add to the department.

Experience working in Programming

My overall experience working in Programming at EVPL was one to remember. In the beginning of my internship, I was introduced to the EVPL staff and LOTS of information that was definitely used later in my experience. In Programming, I worked alongside Erika, assisting her with smaller projects and anything else she may have needed help with. She gave me several tasks that equipped me for a bigger project I completed later in my internship. 

Individual project: Bubblefest

All the small projects and tasks I was given led up to the individual project: Bubblefest. This is an annual event that is hosted at all EVPL locations. Bubblefest is an event for children of all ages to explore the science and creativity that bubbles can encourage. Beginning the process, I slowly began to realize how much planning, budgeting, and time it takes to put on an event like this. Bubblefest was a fun project to work on. I developed many skills that I am glad I learned while also putting prior knowledge to use. 

Sitting in on meetings

To learn more about the library, I had the opportunity to sit in on staff meetings that were geared towards Programming, Marketing, and Children’s Services. While attending, I took notes on the topic at hand, listened to exchanged conversations, and observed how a team works together to create opportunities for the library and everyone who uses it. The meetings are always engaging, inclusive, and straightforward. 

Sharing ideas/input for upcoming projects involving youth

While given the opportunity to sit in on meetings, my favorites to attend were all youth-centered. Specifically, how they were called to help, encourage, and get youth excited about the library and everything it has to offer. 

My future plans/how the library connects with major

Beginning in Fall 2022, I will be attending Ball State University to major in Elementary Education with a concentration in Reading. I plan to complete my four years, then transition to teaching full-time in a classroom setting. I am extremely grateful for my experience at the library and for EVPL allowing me to be able to complete my senior year around such amazing staff. 

This post was written by EVPL’s Spring 2022 Intern, Kanada J.

EVPL Staff

EVPL Staff

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