By Financial Lit. Month

Financial Literacy Month isn’t heavily advertised. You won’t see it featured in hashtags from your favorite consumer brands, and chances are your social circle isn’t going to talk about it over coffee. However, financial literacy is one of the most important, universal skills adults need to have. Everything from creating a monthly budget, to understanding credit, filling out employment paperwork, and filing taxes are part of financial literacy. 

And while Indiana does have financial literacy education standards in place, as of 2018 35% of residents only pay the minimum on their credit card, and less than 50% of residents have adequate savings for emergencies. Something about how this can be attributed to low wage or extenuating circumstances, but also to generational poverty/learning gap in financial literacy

Financial literacy needs and the personal value of financial literacy knowledge can change with time. What felt like a boring class in mid-high school suddenly becomes a critical life skill right after graduation. 

Luckily, EVPL has you covered, no matter your financial situation, age, or past knowledge of the subject. From basic banking and money principles for children to advanced handbooks on investing, our collections will have what you need. Looking for something more interactive? The FDIC has an entire free online education program called Money Smart. Play games, assess your knowledge, review your financial health, and even earn certificates for completion. 

Take charge of your financial education – see what EVPL can do for you!

FDIC Money Smart Program

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