By LucyAnne K.

“I did not have much money when I started school, and immediately had to choose whether to buy food or a $200 book for class. I chose to buy the book.”

“I definitely think not eating affects my grades. You can tell when you don’t feel good that you can’t do your best work.”

The above quotes come from a 2018 Congressional study about college-campus food insecurity, and they highlight the reality of many college students, including those who attend local colleges. Food insecurity, or the limited or uncertain availability of nutritionally adequate or safe food, is an issue that reaches across all gender, racial, ethnic, socioeconomic, and geographic lines, and all three Evansville colleges have taken steps to alleviate the issue on their campuses.

Archie’s Food Closet (USI), Aces Haven (UE), and Ivy’s Closet (Ivy Tech) are all food closets that aim to provide extra resources for their campus communities, and EVPL is proud to join them in their efforts as part of the Our Summer: Reading is Delicious program!

At all eight library locations, there are collections boxes for people to donate non-perishable food items, such as canned goods; grab-and-go snacks, such as granola bars; peanut butter; and any other shelf staples. We will collect and distribute the food between the three closets.

When donating, please check-in at the desk. For each donated item, you can enter to win a fun prize, such as a family board game!

LucyAnne K.

LucyAnne K.

LucyAnne likes books, history, and British crime dramas.

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