By Lori G.

Looking for a new crafty project? There are lots of great websites to get inspiration from. Below are some great crafting websites I’ve found to help me through the quarantine.


Special shout-out to EVPL’s new database Creativebug! This digital database brings crafts to you, no matter where you are. The classes are well organized and easy to follow, even for involved projects. You can enroll for classes any time without waiting periods. They also offer an Inspiration feed, so you can see what other people are making!


Instructables offers a wide range of craft tutorials for everyone. Unlike most of the sites on this list, Instructables has projects for your workshop and the outdoors too. The piece de resistance, however, is their section dedicated to teachers. They have projects broken down by grade level and subject, as well as offering free digital classes. If you’re looking for something to do that’s outside of traditional crafting, this is a must-see site.

Dollar Store Crafts

I’m always looking for ways to craft on a budget, and that budget is almost always smaller than I’d like it to be. That’s where Dollar Store Crafts comes in. You might be surprised by how sophisticated something from a dollar store can be with these crafts. There are also lots of tips and tricks on how to decorate and plan a party or a wedding on the cheap if you’d like to plan something for after the quarantine.


Make is not your average craft site. Want to set up a Raspberry pi Plex server? Or how about a robot opponent to play air hockey with while you social distance? Make allows you to sort through projects based on their difficulty level and the amount of time they’re expected to take. While the projects on this site definitely won’t be cheap, if you’re already a techy person and need something to keep you occupied, Make will make that happen.


If you have a stash of paper lying around at home, I have the site for you. AllFreePapercrafts is exactly what its name states, offering help in everything from making paper to home decor and gift ideas. There are quite a few cute origami patterns here too! So if you’re looking to use up some paper you’ve had sitting around, or you’d like to expand your current papercraft skills, this site will definitely help you out.


A little closer to the Pinterest model, CraftGawker is a content aggregator site. It collects different crafts from all over the internet and put them together on one site that’s pretty and easy to navigate. Because the crafts are from everywhere, they cover quite the gamut of subjects. The Categories button in the top right corner allows you to search by tags to find the right craft for you. There’s even a whole section for your pets!


Another aggregator site, CraftGossip is a bit different. CraftGossip is not actually a craft site so much as it is a news site that happens to link to crafts. The editors of this site find different crafts online, then review them so their readers know which crafts are worthwhile. If you’ve been burnt by badly written instructions or unclear YouTube videos, this might be the site for you.


CraftBits is a traditional crafting site, focusing on fiber arts, holiday decorations, and beauty products. They do have a lovely “Group Crafts” section, which is good for home school projects, as well as a “Therapy Crafts” section dedicated to activities for art and occupational therapists. I really enjoy their candle making section, if you’d like something a bit off the beaten path.

Happy Hour Projects

Looking for something quick and easy, but not for kids? Look no further than Happy Hour Projects. The selection of crafts is a bit standard, but if you want inspiration or a helping hand with jewelry making, this is the site for you. The tutorials are thorough and well written with easy to follow pictures.

Crafting a Green World

If you like to recycle and upcycle, I can’t recommend Crafting a Green World enough. These crafts focus on reusing items you already have around the house or that would commonly be thrown away, like cardboard boxes or old shower curtain liners. In fact, if you click on the “How do I reuse…?” button, you can start with the materials you already have and find a project.


AllCrafts might not look like much at first glance, but this website has been around for 20 years. They offer tutorials on crafts I’ve never even heard of, as well as your classics. There are crafts for all ages, as well as a bunch of options for all your holiday needs.

Lori G.

Lori G.

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