By Jake K. (he/him)

In June 2022, EVPL partnered with the Grow with Google initiative during the ALA Annual Conference. Grow with Google provides training, tools, and resources to help you grow your skills, career, or business. Many of these Google resources will be available through EVPL’s Business Central and Book-A-Librarian appointments around technology. From time to time, we may be able to offer some online programming for you to view and interact with.

Recently Grow with Google presented an online workshop to help anyone grow their confidence in exploring a change of careers. According to the organizers, this beginner-level workshop will help you gain clarity on how your past work experience and skills can transfer to a new role, and will show you how to highlight what you have to offer a new employer. By making clear, informed decisions about your next steps you will be able to move forward with starting a career transition plan.

You can click here to register for and watch the on-demand recording of the event. 

This workshop is part of Grow with Google’s Partner Digital Series, which curates content and training to help small businesses grow. The series offers our Grow with Google Partner Program network, made up of predominantly nonprofit partners, the opportunity to share information about the workshop with their networks or host a viewing session for their learners. EVPL is proud to be one of Google’s partners.

Grow with Google also offers other on-demand content, such as:

Google also offers Career Certificates. You can learn job-ready skills you can put to work. You can learn more about the specifics of this here.

If you have questions about Grow with Google, please reach out to the Reference Servies Team at EVPL Central.

Jake K. (he/him)
Technology Librarian

Jake K. (he/him)

Jake is a Reference Librarian at EVPL Central. He loves discovering answers to life’s pressing questions and helping people explore the amazing powers of the library.

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