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Earlier this year, EVPL presented an exciting opportunity for library users to check out ukuleles. Now, we’re back with more! We welcome everyone to borrow one of our hand-roll pianos. If this is your first time playing the keyboard, don’t fear! EVPL also has the resources to help you become an expert.

Image of a piano keyboard with a blue and green gradient with text that says borrow a piano keyboard from EVPL.

You may be asking yourself what is the difference between a keyboard and a piano? While a piano is merely an acoustic instrument, a keyboard allows for a power source to be plugged in, making it electric. The keyboard features lighter keys, as well. The hand-roll keyboards that the library has are even more unique in the fact that the entire keyboard can roll up to a small, portable size.

Here are some of the cool features our keyboards carry: 

  • Integrated speakers so you can automatically hear the songs you play
  • Convenient input for headphones, in case you need to play in peace
  • Sustain pedal function, allowing the notes to ring out longer
  • Ability to run on four AA batteries for up to 15 hours or be plugged into an outlet for continuous play-time
  • A keyboard size containing 61 keys for players at a beginner or higher skill level
  • 128 included tones such as harmonica, accordion, dulcimer, and fun ones like bird tweet and helicopter sounds

Keyboards are a great place for children and adults to explore their interest in learning a musical instrument. Here are some great resources to kick off your musical journey: 

Introduction and How-To

Find Inspiration in Famous Keyboardists

Online Resources

And finally, check out these famous covers featuring hand-roll keyboards!

To check out one of our hand-roll pianos, click here. They will have a 21 day lending period with the ability to renew three times. They can be checked out by adults and children! For more information or questions, visit our website, send a chat, or call us at 812.428.8200. 


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