By Jake K. (he/him)

EVPL has just rolled out two new databases for everyone: ChiltonLibrary and Peterson’s Test and Career Prep.*

About ChiltonLibrary

Whether you’ve got a little or a lot of DIY mechanic in you, here’s a go-to source we thought you should know about. The name “Chilton” has been around almost as long as there have been cars on the road—and now their auto repair manuals are available online through ChiltonLibrary.

With ChiltonLibrary, you’ll find accurate, digestible information that’s continuously updated to cover most cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs on the road today, including:

  • Step-by-step repair procedures for everything from suspension, brakes, clutch, and gearbox jobs to more ambitious electrical and engine projects.
  • Troubleshooting guides for additional support.
  • Maintenance schedules to help prevent costly repairs.

Explore training videos for ChiltonLibrary.

We depend on our cars to get us where we need to go safely and reliably. ChiltonLibrary can help keep our cars humming. The comprehensive automotive resource supports both those who want to pick up a wrench as well as those researching repairs or a car purchase.

ChiltonLibrary covers all aspects of vehicle repair, from maintenance to mechanical to the interior and exterior body. People who want to replace the remote key battery, install brake pads, or just understand their vehicle better can tap into ChiltonLibrary for trusted information. The knowledge base of authoritative information saves time-consuming internet searches among distracting ads and information of unknown quality.

In addition to licensed auto manufacturer repair procedures, ChiltonLibrary features translation and accessibility tools, and brims with other valuable data. Labor times help estimate how long it may take to do a job. Bulletins and recalls clue in car owners to recurring component failures and what to do about them. Check out bulletins for a car you’re thinking of buying for information on common issues.

The VIN decoder provides the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) real-time data based on the vehicle identification number, specifying things like the original equipment, where the vehicle was built, and what equipment it has—helpful for those applying for electric vehicle tax breaks. The VIN tool also lists unrepaired safety recalls for the specific vehicle. For those buying a used vehicle, it’s helpful to know if the vehicle needs safety recall repairs.

Video and animation clips illuminate repair procedures and key concepts for those seeking deeper understanding. And, Automotive Service Excellence quizzes are available to test the knowledge of those preparing for ASE exams.

About Peterson’s Test and Career Prep

Peterson’s Test and Career Prep helps you prepare for the GED, SAT, ACT, PSAT, GRE, LSAT, MCAT, TOEFL, U.S. citizenship, the military, job searching, new careers, and more. Find in-depth information on college programs, tuition assistance, and career paths. Plus, use templates to create visually interesting resumés, cover letters, and websites that can be externally shared with prospective employers.

And listen up, high school students! If taking standardized tests, choosing a college, or planning your career feels overwhelming, Gale Presents: Peterson’s Test and Career Prep can help you prepare­ and ease the stress. Peterson’s features:

  • Full-length, timed practice exams for the AP, ACT, SAT, PSAT, and more. You can retake the tests and track your progress.
  • A search of over 4,000 accredited schools, with quick results on location, tuition, academics, admission requirements, and campus life.
  • Financial aid tools to help you identify college-funding resources, including scholarships.
  • Four in-depth career assessments that align to interests, values, personality, and workplace preferences to drive personalized career recommendations.
  • Additional tools to help you research career interests, use templates to create a resumé, and search and apply for jobs.

To learn more about either of these resources, contact the EVPL Central Reference Department at rs@evpl.org, or call 812.428.8218 during the library’s regular hours.

*Your library card number is required to access these services away from any EVPL location.

Jake K. (he/him)
Technology Librarian

Jake K. (he/him)

Jake is a Reference Librarian at EVPL Central. He loves discovering answers to life’s pressing questions and helping people explore the amazing powers of the library.

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